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Perfect Every Time: Why We Love Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

by Vannessa Rhoades 17 Jun 2023
Perfect Every Time: Why We Love Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

Making bottles for a hungry, fussy baby can be frustrating. Getting the water to that “just right” temperature may not seem like a time-consuming process on paper, but those minutes can really drag by when your baby is crying and you’re half asleep. Fortunately, the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer is available to rescue tire, groggy parents everywhere.

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer, White

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

Features We Love on the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

It’s versatile and convenient.

The large, airtight tank holds 50 oz. of water. That’s a day’s worth of formula so you won’t have to constantly monitor it throughout the day. Simply refill it each night before you head to bed. Dispensing the water is easy – just press the lever to get either body temperature, warmer than body temperature, or room temperature water. Plus, it works with all brands and types of bottles.

It’s more budget-friendly than a formula maker.

Not sure you want to invest in a formula maker? The Baby Brezza Instant Warmer is a perfect compromise! Just set it up in a convenient spot next to a night light so that you can easily see the amount of water dispensed. (The Baby Brezza Instant Warmer Advanced features a built-in LED nightlight!) Mix that warmed water with a little premeasured formula and give the bottle a few shakes. Voila! You’ve got a perfectly warmed bottle, ready to go with very little effort and no room for error.

It’s easy to maintain.

Wondering how to clean a Baby Brezza Instant Warmer? It’s simple! Simply unplug the machine and hand wash the water container and lid in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. You can read more in the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer manual.

What Parents Are Saying About the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

This warmer is designed with the busy, tired parent in mind. Its revolutionary design allows for faster bottle preparation. Take a look at what parents and other caregivers love about it in these Baby Brezza Instant Warmer reviews:

“This is by far easier to maintain and just as functional as the pricier model that mixes in the formula for you. It's absolutely wonderful to have the water at the perfect temperature instantly, no waiting. Just pour your water, add formula, mix, and serve. You have the perfect temperature bottle every time in a minute or less. And the model is easy to maintain. You can even use the hottest setting to make perfect-temperature child hot cocoa. This is a must-have for formula-fed babies and well worth the price.”

“I think this is the best item compared to all other seemingly necessities a caretaker needs for a newborn. I formula and breastfeed my baby. When I need to make formula milk this Baby Brezza gives absolutely the perfect temperature. My newborn isn’t sensitive but would get an upset stomach and fussy on cold milk. On top of that, when I need a drink of water for postpartum med I’ll get it from here. Overall, very satisfied with it. Since we only use water is easy to maintain compared to the other instant formula (formula and water) Brezza machines. Is a must-have!”

“This thing has been such a lifesaver for us. As a mom, making bottles is such a task especially if you have a son like mine who doesn't like cold bottles at all. They have to be a specific temperature and there is nothing worse in the middle of the night than warming a bottle up and not being able to get it to the right temperature it's either too hot or too cold. This Baby Brezza Instant Warmer works so amazing any time of day or night. What I love about it the most, is it's so easy. All you have to do is fill the tank, there is a minimum and maximum line so you know how much water to put in it. I always like to fill it to the max each day so I have it ready to go at all times whenever I need to make a bottle. After you fill the tank you just select which temperature range you want - blue (no heat), yellow which is body temperature, and red is a little bit warmer than body temperature. I always like to select the yellow one, I find it to be the perfect temperature. It isn't cool at all and warmed just right. After selecting that, you just wait for it to heat the tank up which I would say takes about 10 minutes. After the initial warm-up and the light stops blinking it is ready to go. All you have to do is put your bottle underneath the spout and press the lever down and it fills up a bottle in seconds - then I add my formula. The really nice thing about this is Baby Brezza Warmer can stay plugged in all day and stay on the selected temperature so the water is ready all day when you need it and you don't have to wait on it to heat up each time, which saves a ton of time. This Instant Warmer has been such an amazing thing to have and to use, it saves us so much time and we are able to make a bottle in seconds instead of having to do everything the long way. I can't recommend this warmer enough for moms with babies.”

The Verdict

Modern bottle warmers are a must-have for busy parents. The Baby Brezza Instant Baby Milk Bottle Warmer lets you make warm formula bottles instantly without waiting for a traditional bottle warmer. It dispenses warm water 24/7. Simply add formula, mix, and feed your baby in seconds. You can even customize bottles for your baby with three different temperature settings. Overall, it’s a convenient way to enjoy instant warm water, straight to the bottle, with the simple push of a button.

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