THULE Quick Release Bracket
Quickly transfer Thule child bike seat between multiple bikes by using an additional quick release bracket. Features: Perfect solution for families where two people need to transport the child Includes screws to mount to round or oval seat tubes Thule...
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FRIDABABY NoseFrida The SnotSucker
This doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. A nasal aspirator helps clear out your little one's nose when things are too stuffy for comfort. The hygienic device even comes with disposable...
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Diono Character Kids Mini Back Toddler Leash & Harness - Fox
Cute character backpack with detachable safety rein, perfect for day trips, kindergarten and vacations. Designed with room for toddlers’ daily essentials, thanks to easy access mesh side pocket and front zippered compartment for valuables.
  • Fox
  • Owl
  • Racoon
  • Bear
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Diono Baby on the Move Signs, Pack of 2
Baby On The Move Sign – 2 Pack The Diono Baby On the move safety sign is the perfect way to alert fellow drivers that you have previous cargo on board. Designed with our cute Tacoma forest characters and featuring...
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DIONO Safety Harness and Reins Sure Steps - Black
Diono Sure Steps security harness provides peace of mind for you, and joy for your toddler, as they learn to explore on their own two feet. Lovingly made with soft comfortable fabric for them and easily adjusted by you, Sure...
  • Black
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NOSEFRIDA The Snotsucker Saline Kit
It's smart, It's Swedish, It's maybe a little strange. It's the doctor-invented nasal aspirator what actually works! To Use: Place large tube against child's nostril (not inside), creating a seal. Use red mouthpiece to snuck out snot. Tips: (1) Spraying...
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FeverFrida Patches Ithermonitor
FeverFrida Patches Ithermonitor This medical grade adhesive is a non-irritating hydrogel patch that keeps FeverFrida in place throughout the day or night and is safely designed for sensitive skin. What's inside: 10 Adhesive Patches
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FeverFrida IThermonitor
FeverFrida IThermonitor: When baby's sick, the last thing a parent wants is to wake him or her for a temp check. FeverFrida checks in on your babe every four seconds without waking him or her, thanks to a bitty Bluetooth...
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Fridet the MomWasher
Simple, portable, and perfectly designed with new moms in mind. The Mom Washer is a peri bottle designed to make your post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier. It's way better than that hospital squirt bottle. A convenient tool both for...
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No matter where life takes you, the safety of your child remains the first priority in everything you do. From walks in the park to baby proofing around the house, ANB Baby knows you’ll go the distance to make sure your little one is secure as they grow, explore, and experience this big, wide world. But ensuring that your child is safe doesn’t have to be a headache!  

From harnesses, to stollers, modern adaptations are making it easier than ever to allow your child to explore their independence without worrying about their security. Find the perfect product to give you peace of mind in our shop. 


Safety On The Go 

We know you’re busy. From last minute trips across town to weekend adventures in the great outdoors, watching your child explore the world is one of the bright spots of your day. However, a young child with too much room to roam can be dangerous. 

Child safety harnesses help to guard your little one against potential risk factors. Let your toddler explore their blossoming independence without concern with the DIONO Safety Harness and Reins Sure Step 

Lovingly made with soft, comfortable fabric and fully adjustable straps, this harness lets your little adventurer take the world by storm while keeping them close by. Lightweight, washable, and easy to fit over any seasonal clothing, your child will love the feeling of freedom and you’ll love knowing they're safe.  

Keeping your little one secure in the car is important, but transitioning from car seat to stroller can be a headache. The QUINNY Buzz Adaptor seamlessly transitions the 1stonboard car seat from trips through traffics to walks through the park, all while prioritizing the safety of your baby.  


Sleeping Safety 

A parent’s vigilance never wanes, not even when their child is asleep. Risk factors posed by ill-constructed and poorly outfitted cribs can put your baby at risk. The CDC maintains that nearly 25% of Sudden Unexplained Infant Deaths, (SUIDS), are caused by accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed. Many of these deaths can be avoided by properly preparing your child’s sleeping accommodations. 

 Products such as the CONTOURS Safety Case Protective Crib Matt help to ensure your child can drift into dreamland without worry. A fully fitted SecureStay skirt prevents the mat from slipping and sliding, and top of the line, tightly woven fabric protects against allergies and airborne irritants. Spills happen! When they do, simply remove the protective mat from your child’s crib and machine wash and dry for ultimate convenience. 


ANB Baby Puts Safety First 

At ANB Baby, we believe that the safety and well being of your child should be the top priority in all that we do. That’s why we stock multitudes of industry-certified products featuring top of the line safety features and adaptations.  

From the best in car seats, to bedding and baby carriers, everything on our site is designed to not only make life easier, but more secure as well. Explore everything our shop has to offer and find the perfect products for you and your family in just a few clicks.  

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