FRIDABABY NoseFrida The SnotSucker
This doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. A nasal aspirator helps clear out your little one's nose when things are too stuffy for comfort. The hygienic device even comes with disposable...
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FeverFrida Patches Ithermonitor
FeverFrida Patches Ithermonitor This medical grade adhesive is a non-irritating hydrogel patch that keeps FeverFrida in place throughout the day or night and is safely designed for sensitive skin. What's inside: 10 Adhesive Patches
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FeverFrida IThermonitor
FeverFrida IThermonitor: When baby's sick, the last thing a parent wants is to wake him or her for a temp check. FeverFrida checks in on your babe every four seconds without waking him or her, thanks to a bitty Bluetooth...
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Fridet the MomWasher
Simple, portable, and perfectly designed with new moms in mind. The Mom Washer is a peri bottle designed to make your post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier. It's way better than that hospital squirt bottle. A convenient tool both for...
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Shop top quality Fridababy essentials that keep your baby healthy and happy. Fridababy products ready to help you clean dirty baby butts, monitor fevers, clean and wipe away stuffy noses and make bath time more effective. Fridababy is the innovator of the best selling baby product the SnotSucker. SnotSucker is a simple Swedish design featuring a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside) while parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child's nose.

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