Tiny Love Stroller Activity Arches

Tiny Love Stroller Arches

Tiny Love’s stroller arches are covered in toys, with engaging texture and rattling sounds designed to stimulate your baby’s sense of curiosity. The universal attachment clips mean they fit a variety of stroller styles and can be easily angled to an ideal position for your baby to engage with the toys. Designed to nurture your baby’s physical and emotional growth while out on your daily walk, these durable easy-to-grasp toys promote healthy, natural development and soothe your baby.

At ANB Baby we offer a number of Tiny Love stroller arches from their collection, including the Tiny Love Into the Forest Musical Stroller Toy which is perfect for your baby to practice their hand-eye coordination, refining their fine motor skills. This baby stroller arch also contains an electronic toy that plays four tunes that are activated by your baby to encourage essential cause & effect learning.