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Feed Them With Baby Feeding Bottles

by Norbert Shtaynberg 29 Mar 2019

Light, Feed Them With Baby Feeding Bottles

Today, most of the mothers are working ladies. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to stay beside their babies and carry on with breast feeding. Feeding bottles can be a good substitute for all working moms. Bottle feeding babies get a sound sleep easily.

Benefits of bottle feeding

Since cow milk does not get digest easily, bottle fed babies are not needed to feed frequently. You can also have a calculation of the quantity of milk when you feed your baby with a bottle. The bottle will show you the exact measurement of the milk consumption. Mothers do not require being present all the time whenever a baby is fed by bottle.

Mothers with inadequate milk

Some woman cannot produce enough breast milk for their babies. This is the situation where bottle feeding will be really beneficial. According to every doctor, breast milk is best for baby. But, few mothers have some complications to produce enough breast milk for their babies. The best alternative for this is bottle feed.

Feeding milk becomes easy

Even if a mother is not a working lady, she might have various household works. Thus, it becomes difficult for her to feed on milk. But, if the baby is habituated with bottle feed, he can simply be comfortable to get the bottle feeding from any family member at home. Even a small child can feed the baby with bottle. Thus, it becomes really easily to feed milk with the help of a bottle.

Resume normal life

A breast feeding mother cannot resume her normal life since she needs to feed her baby with her own milk. But, once milk is fed to a baby with the help of a bottle, she can easily resume her normal life. She can go to office, attend social function etc. She will be in a state to wear all types of dresses which she really wishes. A nursing mother needs to wear something which can accommodate the baby inside her. But this variety of dresses is very shabby and looks really odd in the society.

Mother can leave her baby in the hand of a governess without worrying about breast feeding. Due to breast feeding, sometime husbands feel uncomfortable to carry on with marital relationship with the lady. Thus, a simple solution to this entire problem is feeding with bottle. If you take your baby in a public outlet, it becomes really difficult to carry on breast feeding. At the same time, bottle feeding is more convenient.

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