• Baby Car Seat and Its Proper Uses

    Baby Car Seat and Its Proper Uses
    Guess who is poised at a bigger hazard and threat to his or her life and injury in car crashes? If you said infant, you guessed right. The reason for this is because the ligaments in their body especially those that provide support on the neck are not that tough yet compared to an adult's. Furthermore, their neck bones are yielding and their heads...
  • Tips on Baby Car Seat Shopping

    Tips on Baby Car Seat Shopping
    Anyone who has children can tell you how quickly their baby outgrew their infant car seat. It is certainly faster than was expected, and it is now time to replace it with a larger version. Rear Or Forward Facing Most infant seats will carry your child till they are about 22 pounds. You will find out in your search for a new baby car...
  • Baby Car Seats Safety Tips

    Baby Car Seats Safety Tips
    Baby car seats can prevent serious injury to your child in the event of an accident. It is the law that all children under the age of twelve should be seated in the back seat. This is especially true if you have airbags in the front. From the time you bring your baby home from the hospital, s/he should be placed in an appropriate...
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