OXO TOT Bath & Diapering

OXO Tot Bath & Diapering

For parents on the market for a space-saving baby bathtub, OXO Tot’s Splash & Store Bath Tub is safe, versatile, easy to store, and designed to grow with little ones from 0 – 18 months. The carefully engineered design has a narrow end for cradling newborns and smaller infants – eliminating the need for a separate infant insert. The wider end is perfect for babies who can sit up on their own, giving them plenty of space to splash. The built-in support post keeps babies safely in place, no matter their age or stage. Another brilliant addition to compliment the bathtub is the OXO TOT Stand Up Bath Toy Bin. Seen as a must-have for parents during bath time. The stand-up bath toy bin has a 7L capacity and can handle everything from rubber duckies to toy boats and a carefully sized hole pattern will dry them quickly.

Changing your little one’s diaper can be challenging to say the least. However, OXO Tot are here to save the day! The OXO Tot Diaper Caddy with Changing Mat has a place for everyday diaper changing essentials – so you’ll never be caught empty-handed. The generously sized, comfortable folding Mat fits right inside, for changes anytime, anywhere. A large-capacity wipes compartment fits most wipes dispensers, while the storage area keeps diapers and lotions at the ready. Diapers, wipes, powders, creams and a little one wriggling around on the changing table is a lot to handle. Simplify every diaper changing routine by keeping wipes conveniently within reach, with one-handed accessibility with the OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser. For added convenience, OXO Tot also has the OXO TOT On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch that holds everything you need for quick, on-the-go changes.