OXO Tot’s mission is to create a range of products that make everyday life easier. Engineered for functionality and durability, OXO Tot are pioneers in baby feeding solutions, baby seating and safety solutions, toddler bath and potty solutions and much more. At OXO Tot, they look at everyday objects and see ways to make things simpler and more thoughtfully designed. In every room in the house, their products will without a doubt make every parent’s life that much easier. From cooking and baking to brewing and entertaining to cleaning and organizing, to everyday adventures with your little one. Specifically designed for your little one, OXO Tot’s range of products will make your daily life with your children more trouble-free and comfortable.


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About OXO Tot

For over 30 years, OXO Tot has seized opportunities that improve everyday products and actions and designs products that make life with your children easier. Their range features plates that don’t slide off the table, an ergonomic potty, and a compact baby bath. The most practical storage containers, as well as feeding time essentials. OXO Tot design tools that fit comfortably in your hand and in your life. Functionality and sustainability are at the heart of their range. Not only do OXO Tot make products that are made to last years, but they're also an environmentally conscious company too as they’ve joined the 1% for the planet community, which makes them a firm favorite with families all around the world.

OXO Tot Collection

The OXO Tot collection makes eating, drinking and bathroom time that much more enjoyable for your little one, and much easier for every parent. The OXO Tot Stick & Stay Plate will make mealtimes a bit less messy. The parent-friendly design makes these plates and bowls easy for grown-ups to remove, but tricky for little ones. Not only do OXO Tot make mealtimes less messy, but they ensure your little one is comfortable while sitting at the family table. The OXO TOT Nest Booster Seat with Removable Cushion gives kids as young as nine months a secure seat. With a soft, removable cushion and high back and sides, the Nest Booster transforms any grown-up chair into a child-friendly seat.

Make bath time and potty training become fun for both parent and child. The OXO Tot Splash & Store Bath Tub is foldable, making it extremely practical as it can be compactly stored away afterwards. This carefully engineered bathtub was created to grow with little ones from birth to 18 months as it has a narrow end for cradling newborns and smaller infants – eliminating the need for a separate infant insert. To make bath time an easy job for parents, the OXO TOT Stand Up Bath Toy Bin keeps your baby’s bath toys contained and the 7L capacity can handle everything from rubber duckies to toy boats and a carefully sized hole pattern will dry them quickly.