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A Baby Stroller Needs To Meet Certain Considerations

by Norbert Shtaynberg 27 Mar 2019

Stroller, A Baby Stroller Needs To Meet Certain Considerations

Keeping a baby happy in the stroller sometimes requires much more than simply putting your baby into the stroller and taking a walk around. Babies are curious individuals eager to learn and often require new, interesting and exciting materials to keep them occupied. Here are some tips for what to look for when shopping for stroller accessories to keep your baby busy and happy in the stroller.

1. Attachable

At some stage, all babies enjoy the drop-and-wait-for-Mummy-or-Daddy-to-react game. The last thing you want is for your baby to constantly drop their toy on the floor while you are trying to shop for the groceries. Having stroller accessories that attach to the stroller or baby in some way will help to prevent baby from losing it deliberately.

2. Lights and Sounds

Obviously stroller accessories that emit lights and sounds will be more engaging and interesting to a baby. These generally tend to hold a baby's attention for longer.

3. Action-Reaction

Stroller accessories that require a baby to do something to them will be more engaging than those that do nothing. Babies will easily get bored of a toy if there is nothing interactive about it. Ideally, stroller accessories that have some sort of activity component will provide longer lasting entertainment to a baby. For instance, toys with lots of buttons to press, cloth books or board books with pages to turn.

4. Variety

Depending on how long you think you will be shopping for, it is a good idea to keep a stash of accessories hidden in the baby bag. That way, as soon as baby gets bored with the current toy, you can swap it with a new one. The longer you intend to shop for, the more toys you need to hide in the baby bag.

The following are some engaging stroller accessories and toys that will help to keep baby suitably occupied.

Stroller steering wheel that attaches onto the pram. These are toys that are usually attachable to the stroller, emit lights and sounds, and offer a variety of activities for baby - for instance, buttons to press and a steering wheel to spin.

Learning activity toys like the range from Lamaze. Again, these toys are usually attachable to the stroller and they offer a range of textures, sounds, and possibly lights for baby to explore.

For very young babies, sometimes a musical mobile hanging from the hood of the stroller might be sufficient to entertain them until they fall asleep.

Toy keys and mobile phones are also pretty attractive to the older babies that are learning the significance of these items in the real world.

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