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Baby Travel Gear For When You’re On The Go

Travelling with your baby? Here are some of the essential baby gear you need when you’re on the go with your little one.

Baby Carriers

To safely and comfortably take your baby on outings and errands, you’ll want high-quality, comfortable baby carriers. Whether you’re looking for a front or back loading baby carrier or wrap, we’ve got you covered. From newborn baby wraps to baby carriers your little one can grow into, we have a wide range of ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable baby carriers and wraps available in different colors and styles.

Diaper Bags

When it comes to a baby’s necessities, a diaper bag is a must. Whether you’re on the go with baby, dropping him off to a sitter, or taking a trip, an organized diaper bag is the key to less stress. At ANB baby you can browse and shop compact, practical and stylish diaper bags, ideal for everyday use.

Pack and Play Playards 

You won’t be able to bring a crib everywhere you go, but your baby still needs a safe place to sleep and play no matter where you are. The NUNA Cove Air Playard doubles as a play space and bedside crib that can go anywhere with you. 

Baby Bath & Bedtime Gear

Make bath and bedtime fun and safe with our wide range of baby bath and bedtime gear.

Bath Tubs & Accessories

Bath time can be one of the most enjoyable times of the day for your baby if you have the right bath gear. Turn bath time into art time with the non-toxic, non-staining Tiger Tribe Bath Crayons. Help your baby enjoy a new approach to bath time with the Yookidoo Stack Flap N’ Tumble toy set. Quickly clean up toys after bath time with the OXO TOT Stand Up Bath Toy Bin. Whether you need more bathtime fun or bathroom necessities like a baby tub or potty chair, you can find it here. 

Baby Monitors 

Watch over baby with the Invidyo Baby Monitor. Keeping your baby healthy is always important, and it can be very concerning when he or she isn’t feeling well. High fevers can be very dangerous for young children, which is why it’s so important to monitor your baby if they’re sick. The FeverFrida IThermometer uses a discreet Bluetooth monitor and patch to check in every four seconds. Better yet, it will high temperature alerts to your phone and store data for medicine reminders and pediatric visits. Stock up on FeverFrida Patches for the Ithermonitor so you never run out. 

Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby crib mobiles keep baby entertained and may also help your baby relax. Crib mobiles come in many varieties and can be attached to strollers, cribs, playsets, and more so you can keep your baby occupied anywhere anytime. At ANB Baby, we have a wide variety of baby mobiles that will grow with your baby.

Baby Activity & Safety Gear

As your little one is getting older they are also getting more active and eager to explore the world around them. To help keep them entertained but yet safe, it’s important to have the right baby activity and safety gear at hand.

Baby Bouncers 

Bouncers are a safe place to set your baby down and keep them occupied for a few minutes. The Baby Jogger City Sway 2-in-1 Rocker and Bouncer combines the safe comfortable style of a bouncer with a fun play area. Transition it from rocker to bouncer by engaging the kickstand, and fold it up flat for storage or transport.

Activity Centers & Baby Walkers

From newborns to toddlers, young kids need ways to learn and explore while having fun. An activity center is the perfect entertainment area for your baby. Baby activity centers are excellent for your baby’s developments and can help encourage your little one to roll over and start crawling. Learning to walk is one of the most exciting, yet challenging things for a baby. Baby walkers can encourage your little one to take their first steps as it helps them to get their balance and gain confidence with walking while staying safe.

Baby Safety Supplies

Keeping young kids safe is so important, but it’s also a major challenge. Babies and toddlers love to explore and often get into things they shouldn’t. Baby safety gear ensures the safety of your child while also allowing them to explore the world. From safety harnesses when stepping out with your toddles for a walk to baby gates for extra security at home. Browse and shop our wide range of baby safety gear online.