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A Few Facts About Baby Strollers

by Norbert Shtaynberg 26 Mar 2019

Stroller, A Few Facts About Baby Strollers

The last few weeks of pregnancy seem to drag on and on forever, but when your baby finally decides to make their appearance into this world its hard to imagine a time when they weren't around.

After the birth of your newborn and when you feel up to it its time to take that first trip out with the baby stroller. Hopefully the stroller has been assembled and you have had a chance to play with it and get used to all of its many features.

Going out and about with your new baby can be rather daunting for a first time parent but there are no good reasons why a fit and healthy baby should be housebound. In fact a change in surroundings and some fresh air can be very beneficial. For instance many new parents worry about the outside climate but apart from foggy or smoggy weather this really shouldn't be a problem.

Of course if the temperature is below freezing be sure to bundle up baby really well but make sure they can breathe without any difficulty. Make sure to put a warm bonnet on them and mittens too. Again it the weather is really hot care should be taken to protect their delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A good sunshade or parasol is essential there is a huge selection available nowadays. Not forgetting sunscreen and a very light layer of clothing too.

Another thing to consider when out and about is germs and bacteria., so try to limit the amount of time you spend in crowded areas. Avoid people who are sick at all costs even if they are family members as babies are extremely susceptible to catching anything and everything. Even healthy people should wash their hands before being allowed to handle your newborn son or daughter.

Before you go out and about make sure to pack a feed even if baby isnt due one as sometimes you can get delayed and a screaming baby is one of the worst sounds in the world. If you are breastfeeding make sure you know in advance where there are places you can go to feed your offspring in comfort. Be sure to pack some extra clothes and changing supplies also because one thing I can definitely guarantee you is that babies are very unpredictable!

There is also a lot of differing views on how old baby should be before being taken out of the home. This can vary wildly from a day to a month. In my experience as long as baby is fit and well they should be taken outside. My last baby was only two hours old when I took him on the school run with his brother. Admittedly I did get told off later on by the midwife but that was for me being out not my baby.

Of course everything is strange when we first try them out but its surprising how taking care of your new baby soon becomes second nature. And remember to take time to enjoy them as they really do grow up so fast.

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