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Baby Car Seat Buying Guide

by Norbert Shtaynberg 01 Apr 2019

Car Seat, Baby Car Seat Buying Guide

Each year, many kids get injured or die because of vehicular accidents. These injuries and deaths would have been averted if only parents are more cautious in providing their kids with the right car seats. A seat is a must and no parent should ever neglect it. Besides, it is a mandate of the law and many countries around the world have strengthened this policy to ensure that every child is safe while they are inside a moving vehicle.

There are lot of car seats in the industry today. Given this fact, it would definitely hard for you to be able to find the right one that will provide the best protection for your child. That is why, you need to be thorough we selecting. One important reminder though is that your child has to undergo various types of seat transitions. The stages would be rear facing, front facing and the booster seat, each stage would have to depend on his weight, height and age. You need to make sure that these stages of car seat transition followed to guarantee that your baby is well-protected at all times and the seat will not be useless.

When your baby is still an infant or less than 35 pounds, you must remember to restrain him in an infant seat in a rear facing position. With this position, he will be protected well knowing that it is the safest position since he will be in a semi-recumbent mode. On the other hand, when your baby is more than the weight limit for infant seat, he can now use a baby convertible car seat. What makes a baby convertible seat is that he can now face in front, so when you are driving, you can actually see your child's face on your rearview mirror.

You cannot just give your child any car seat. This is because the use of a seat would highly depend on your child's age, height, weight and mental maturity. With the child's weight, he has to be between 36 to 70 pounds so that he can have access to a baby convertible seat. The premise here is that if your child weighs less or more than the requirement, he will not be given the protection that he needs. Besides, he may either be too small or too big for the harness which will actually make him very uncomfortable. Of course, choosing a seat would also depend on your lifestyle and preference. For instance, you need to consider what car you are using since a car seat may take so much space when installed. You do want to end up using a bulky seat in your small car.

Becoming a parent has its great rewards. It also has a lot to learn from considering that you have to take care of a small and fragile child whose life solely depends on you. With this being said, it would be a great delight to see him grow happy and well. Of course, giving him the best protection such as a baby convertible car seat is one sweet gift to him.

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