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Baby Feeding Tips Enjoying Meals With Baby

by Norbert Shtaynberg 25 Mar 2019

Person, Baby Feeding Tips Enjoying Meals With Baby

Feeding baby is not always easy, right? Even, sometimes it can be stressful too, especially for first time parents. But, if you know how to feed your baby in a right way, feeding him can be pleasurable. Want to try the tips? Here we go

- Everything you use to feed your baby should be clean and dry.

- Make a list of foods that your baby can and cannot eat according to his age.

- Avoid feeding him foods that may present a choking hazard such as chips, popcorn, tough meats, raw celery, raisins, whole grapes, chunky peanut butter, gum, hard or gooey candy.

- Avoid feeding baby honey, which may contain bacterial spores that may cause a fatal food-borne illness in infants.

- Avoid feeding baby food high in sugars and corn syrups, as the calories from these ingredients will replace more nutrient-rich foods.

- Check the temperature of your baby food before offering it to baby. It's better to feed him in warm temperature.

- Include your baby at the family dinner table, so he can develop better eating habits.

- Bring your baby high chair right up to the table at dinner time, so he feels part of the family.

- Start giving meal your baby at feeding time. But don't forget to help him learn to feed himself by trying to give him foods that stick easily to the spoon.

- Another way in feeding your baby easier is to provide him with finger foods, such as pieces of cooked pasta or little squares of toast.

- Only introduce one new food at a time, waiting at least 2-3 days in between new foods. This helps your baby grow accustom to that food and can also help in pinpointing any food allergies.

- Try and try again in introducing new foods to your baby. It often takes him several times of trying a food to decide he likes it.

- Last but not least, maintain a happy atmosphere at the table. Talk to your baby, praise and encourage him and smile sweetly if he refuses to eat.

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