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Baby Learning Toys

by Norbert Shtaynberg 07 Apr 2019

If you have a newborn baby and you want to buy her toys, what is good and what toys aren't. If you become a new parent you enter a world unfamiliar to you, the world of the toys and the baby toys. You do not have to worry since generations of parents before you had the same situation and there is a load of information available which toys are good for the development of babies and which aren't.

Baby toys that aren't good are toys with a rough finishing or sharp edges, these can damage the baby skin easily. If you decide on a soft plastic toys make sure that and ask if the toys is safe since some weakners used in plastics aren't good for you baby's health. The toy should not have small parts that you baby can swallow and cleaning must be easy. If the toy is assembled from different parts it is important that you child can disassemble it without any tool, since the smaller parts again can have a rough finishing or sharp edges.

Did you ever see a baby without a toy? Of course not ,so there plenty of toys to buy for you that are safe. A baby toy should stimulate your child's brain and body. Train both the motor skills as the mental skills while your child is paying with the toys. Studies showed that the first years of children is very important how the brain develops as training already in the young brain make cross connections and these first patterns are the basics of how the brain can be and will developed in the later years. Look at the brain of a newborn like the empty canvas of a painter, the first lines and sketches will decide how the painting will look like. If these first lines are wrong it can never become a good painting.

The awareness of babies to new impressions and impulses in their surrounding is very developed. Instinctively they respond to their surrounding and to their toys. Providing your kids with the right kind of toys will develop and stimulate the baby's brain since it is an action that result in a result that is interesting for them. Press a button and get a tune as reward, swing an animal and get lights flash on. In these early years it is not about developing the fantasy of you infant but getting reflexes of action followed by result that train the brain.

During the first year most babies have somewhat blurred vision and focus clear on things from a distance it for most babies harder than you would image. Toys should be in their surrounding if you want your kid to play with them. This is also the reason why most toys are made of materials with bright colors so that they are easy recognized by the children. For example wind chimes, rattles, brightly colored mobiles and cot toys - all very bright colored - will excite your baby to play with and engage the curiosity.

Because many parent long for some rest during the day - being a new parent can be exhausting - play seats, bouncers and so on are developed. For the baby it is good to have its own place in the house to relax and to be safe from all the dangers in the household. Good bouncers and seat come with build in toys for your baby to play with. Do not safe money on your bouncer or baby seat since your child will spend quite some time in them. Providing your child the right kind of toys will aid them in their learning processes.

Also ordinary furniture in the room can be the learning toys of your baby. As they observe to understand the processes taking place in the household like that the sofa is being used for watching television or the dinning table for the family dinner and that it is dinner time once the family gather around the table.
The bath tub is another fascinating place for your baby. Although in the beginning they undergo the bathing procedure with either pleasure or disliking. But once grown up into a toddler they like to sit in the bath tub and play with all kind of toys.

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