Baby Toy Safety Tips to Protect Your Child

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Baby Toy Safety Tips to Protect Your Child

Each year, thousands of babies are injured by playing with toys that are unsafe. While most manufacturers have taken great care to ensure their toys are baby-safe, the injuries continue. Sometimes, it's due to the manner in which the toys were built. Other times, babies are left unattended with toys that are otherwise safe but can still cause harm when the baby is alone. The injuries are always unfortunate. Some are tragic.

Thankfully, with diligence, most of the toy-related harm that happens to babies can be prevented. In this article, you'll discover the toy hazards that can potentially hurt your child. Beware Of Sharp Edges And Points Toys aren't typically sold with sharp edges and points. However, some toys are manufactured in such a way that they appear harmless but can cause injury when played with.

Also, though many baby toys are built absent of any edges or points that can pierce, cut, or otherwise injure your child, they can break. When a baby plays with a toy, pieces can break off exposing sharp points that can slice or puncture the skin. When you buy a new toy for your baby, take time to inspect it. Remove it from the packaging. Take note of any potential breaks or damage that can expose metal, glass, or hard plastic edges.

Watch The Small Parts Most baby toys don't allow small parts to be removed or unfastened. They're typically sold in 1 piece. But, toys break easily. Simply dropping it onto the ground can cause pieces to loosen. The parts may not break off at that moment, but a slight pull or tug by your baby can easily cause the part to dislodge from the toy.

Because babies tend to put things into their mouth, this can be extremely dangerous. Small parts can be swallowed and become lodged deep in your baby's throat, cutting off air. Or, your baby may place the small piece in her ear or nose. There, it can remain out of reach as your baby screams in pain. While considering toys to buy, make sure there are no removable parts. Keep in mind the materials from which the toy is constructed.

Hard plastic can easily break off and cause injury. Mind The Projectiles Surprisingly, there are a few toys that are sold with the ability to shoot small projectile parts. There's very little power behind the projectile, but its size can cause a tragic problem. Your baby might swallow the projectile. Or, it can strike your baby's eyes.

Every precaution that you take in purchasing baby toys with small parts should be taken when buying toys that propel small objects. These toys can become deadly in a baby's hands. Choosing Toys Your Baby Can Handle There's a lot you can do to ensure your baby is never exposed to the dangers of hazardous toys. It requires a bit of forethought.

For each toy you purchase, ask yourself whether the toy is too small. You don't want your baby to swallow the toy. How heavy is the toy? If dropped onto your baby's head, can it cause an injury? Does it have a cord that your baby may inadvertently wrap around his neck?

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