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Baby Toys Are The Best Way for Exploring the World for Newborns

by Norbert Shtaynberg 28 Mar 2019

Person, Baby Toys Are The Best Way for Exploring the World for Newborns

Whether newborns or toddlers, they are very active and get excited about each and everything around them. Curiosity for touching everything near to them to know what the things are all about is unimaginable. It is like they are new to world and want to know each and everything about surrounding. Baby toys are the best way for exploring the world for newborns toddlers. Newborn babies sleep 18- 19 hours a day. At the time when they are awake provide them some soft toys with lots of bright colors. Bright colors attract babies easily as their minds are stimulated even when they are lying on their back.

Cognitive abilities which is about information processing abilities of human like perception, learning, remembering, judging and problem solving can be stimulated by baby toys. Hand held activities with toys help in improving the better coordination between eyes and hands but for this first little one has to improve grasping power.

During the first three month give them only one toy to develop the grip over toy. When baby entered in the month of 5 they crawl enough to grab the thing. Keep the toys away from them so that they can come to grab it. It will improve the coordination legs.

The seven month old baby grab the object using entire hand and try to press the button of toy using thumb. During this process visual information collected by mind and perception come into play. Give them more toys to play like spring roller and musical roller.

A nine month old baby can now pass objects from one to another hand. The ability of doing things increase with the development of muscles. They now start to connect themselves with the behavioral pattern; at this stage let them play with shape sorters and bug puzzles.

By the month of eleven they start manipulating things. They can pick up and throw the toys. Getting back and turning ability of them increases. Try to expose them more to the surroundings.

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