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Baby Walkers Are they Safe

by Norbert Shtaynberg 24 Mar 2019

Person, Baby Walkers Are they Safe

It's common for people to look for baby walker reviews in an effort to find which walker provides the most benefit, stimulation and safety for their child. Baby walker manufactures work to create options that provide safety for children and although strides have been made baby walkers are still the major causes of injuries for children 5 - 16 months, with the majority being burns and falling. Burns happen from hot liquids being left within reach, such as a coffee table or kitchen counter low enough for them to reach. The falls most commonly occur from stairs, however also happen from tipping over. Many dental issues within this age group come from injuries sustained from baby walkers.

A new replacement has emerged, the stationary activity center. Many of the perceived benefits with baby walkers can be found with the activity centers. Parents have a place to put the child to give them a break to do other things or simply just rest. The child has toys they can play with that both entertains and stimulates their mind. They also bounce, which gives the child a sense of freedom and excitement. What it isn't is mobile, no moving around from room to room or place to place which is where children injuries with baby walkers normally occur.

A common issue with both the walker and activity center is the amount of time parents leave children in them. Often, they are used as a babysitter with children spending hours daily in them. What this does is slow both the mental and physical development of children and takes away from the human stimulation and bonding they receive from parents. Children should be limited to no more than 20 minutes at one time in walkers or activity centers. The development implications these children are faced, as a parent if you considering a walker check into a baby walkers review to learn more about the potential trouble it can cause your child.

Overall, the best option is to either use a stationary activity center or nothing at all over the use of baby walkers. Baby walker injuries and development are a serious issue and concern; medical professionals speak out about these concerns regularly. There is just too much potential loss or damage your child faces that any gains just is not real. Besides, never putting your child in on in the first place will keep them from ever knowing what they may have missed out on!

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