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Baby Wraps vs. Baby Carriers: What's The Difference?

by ANB Baby 19 Sep 2021

Baby Wraps vs. Baby Carriers: What's The Difference

There are multiple options for carrying babies, including strollers, but if you're looking for something that takes up a lot less space, you might benefit by switching to a baby wrap or carrier. These two modes of babywearing allow you to carry your baby seamlessly, but it can be difficult selecting the right option, which is why we are sharing our comparison of baby wraps and carriers so you can decide your ideal baby travel companion.

Baby Wrap

Baby wraps are a long piece of fabric that you can wrap around your body to hold your baby close to your person. The wrap can be made of different materials depending on the elasticity or thickness you are looking for, providing your baby with the optimal support. If you're looking for a lightweight wrap, the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap Carrier delivers the ideal level of elasticity with multiple carrying positions and adjustable straps for a snug fit. This model is easy to use for first-time parents, and the viscose fabric can support babies of different sizes weighing up to 25 lb.

Advantages of Using A Baby Wrap
  • It is suitable for babies from 8-25 lbs. allowing them to use it from birth
  • It is the closest mimic to being back in the womb, and if done right, it can often lull a baby into a very calm state and even to sleep
  • It is super lightweight to pack and go as you can easily fold it and stuff it in your bag
  • It comes in different materials, and it also serves as a multifunctional piece as it can be used as a blanket, cover for breastfeeding, and a carrier
  • It can be used to carry babies in different positions by utilizing the versatility of wraps

Baby Carrier

A structured baby carrier is a highly popular option for carrying babies. It comes in various styles, but some standard features include padded shoulder straps, a thick padded waistband, and a padded structure to hold the baby while allowing their feet to dangle freely. This baby carrier can be strapped onto your person, and the soft design supports the baby's hips, back, and even head securely. If you're looking for a breathable baby carrier, the Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh Carrier is an excellent option as it can be used on hot and humid days without compromising the baby's comfort. They come with multiple position options and can support up to 45 lbs. in weight.

Another carrier option for your newborn is the Ergobaby Embrace Newborn Carrier which is a great option to stay connected to your baby. With its soft knit fabric and supportive fit, it keeps your baby nestled against you comfortably.

Advantages of Using A Baby Carrier
  • It can carry a child from 7 to 45 pounds, meaning not only is it suitable for a newborn but it can also be used for bigger toddlers, so you can use it longer.
  • It provides enhanced versatility with its multiple carrying positions, including front, hip, and back carry options
  • It is extremely easy to use as you can buckle the carrier on your body and tighten the straps
  • It is highly adjustable and ergonomic due to padded straps and lumbar support


Both baby carriers and baby wraps have their benefits, but at the end of the day, it depends on what level of support you're looking for. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight or more structured way to carry your baby, both baby wraps and baby carriers are a comfortable and great option.

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