Bathing your Baby Safely

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Person, Bathing your Baby Safely

Safety rules are pretty strict concerning children play in pools, lakes, and oceans. Many parents are wise enough to keep a close watch over their precious offspring when

they are in outside water areas. However, the number one reason for deaths in children between the ages of one and four is drowning. Not only in outside pools but in

bathtubs as well. Following baby bath safety rules will keep bath time fun and effective.

When you think of childproofing your home, baby bath safety is not the first thing that comes to mind. Most parents do not consider baby bath safety because usually when

a child is taking a bath, they are under the direct supervision of an adult. However, supervision does not always prevent accidents from happening.Anyone who has children

knows and can tell you that children are totally unpredictable and prone to accidents with or without supervision. This is why there are certain precautions that should be

taken for bath time safety.

It doesn't take a lot of water to harm a baby. They don't understand that water can drown them and don't know to hold their breath if they fall underwater. For this reason,

you need to make sure that you have everything needed for bath time with in arm's reach, including baby.A great tool is a tub that is shaped like a bucket. It was made to

imitate the womb experience for the baby. It give the baby a snug fit on the sides and they sit in the fetal position. This helps the baby feel like they are in their natural

environment, which make them feel safe.

Tip 1 - If you are intending to use your own bath for washing your baby in then it is a good idea to put a slip proof mat or even some towels into the bath on which your

baby can be placed. But if you can afford to there are baby bath chairs that can be purchased which allow the baby to sit comfortably in the bath whilst being washed.

Tip 2 - To ensure that the temperature of the water is right for your baby not too hot or too cold there are several things as new parents that you can do. You can either test

the temperature of the water using the traditional method of dipping your elbow or wrist into the water as your mother would have done. The other way is to purchase a

special thermometer which changes color when the water temperature is correct.

Tests done by a leading group in safe cosmetics state that in over 60 percent of bath products for kids have a couple of hazardous chemicals that are linked to serious health

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