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The Best Way to Clean Baby Car Seats

by ANB Baby 28 Jun 2021

Cushion - The Best Way to Clean Baby Car Seats


Cleaning up messes is part and parcel of raising children. Whether it's crumbs, spilled liquids, or any other bodily fluids, you need to be prepared to tackle any scenario. Any accident can become even harder to deal with if your child has an accident in the car where mess seeps into hard-to-reach places as this requires immediate action on your part. If you're unsure what the best way to clean baby car seats is, don't worry, we've got you covered.

1. Prevent Stains from Spreading

Some spills and stains can get absorbed into your baby's car seat fairly quickly with no intention of ever coming out; of course, this depends on the material of the car seat and type of stain, but there is no time to waste. For wet spills, start by dabbing the wet mess with an absorbent cloth or baby wipe to prevent the stain from spreading. If the mess is dry, brush off the debris or detach, flip and shake the car seat to ensure the seat is crumb-free.

2. Removing the Car Seat

Unless you have a car seat with removable and easy-to-clean covers such as BRITAX or DIONOodds are you'll have to remove the entire car seat. Take the entire car seat out and place it on a level surface. Remove the covers and padding along with any other accessories. If this is your first time disassembling an infant car seat, make sure you follow the instructions in the manufacturer's manual.

3. Clean the Straps and Cover

Once all the parts are separated, check the manual again for cleaning instructions. Most car seat covers can be removed and cleaned with warm water and mild soap but check to see if the manufacturers recommend hand or machine-washing.

For pesky stains, you can even use a specially formulated stain remover. The harness straps should be wiped down separately and not cleaned in a washing machine as this might damage the fabric. To clean the straps, use warm water, or use soap as well in case of a tough stain. Once you're satisfied with the results, air dry the seat completely in the sun to prevent any odor

4. Clean the Frame

Start by flipping the frame to remove any solid debris before you proceed to clean the structure with warm soapy water and wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure to air dry the frame before reassembling.

5. Reassemble

After everything is completely dry, reassemble the car seat and strap it in the car. If you're facing any issues with the reassembly process, check the manual to ensure you do it correctly to prevent compromising your child's safety, and avoid possible accidents.

Once you've figured out how to clean a baby car seat, it can become easier over time after you've familiarized yourself with the instructions and cleaning products required. This can be extremely beneficial, whether it's an emergency or a routine cleaning session.

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The Best Way to Clean Baby Car Seats

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