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Bottle Feeding Little one Maintaining It Clean

by Norbert Shtaynberg 25 Mar 2019

Human, Bottle Feeding Little one Maintaining It Clean

If you are new to bottle feeding you might find it difficult to choose the best product for your baby. The truth is that there are many products available and that many of them require attention. Here are some things you should know if you want to use the bottle feeding method.

First of all bottle feeding allows you to see how much milk the baby consumes. This is convenient as you can have a pattern and you can be sure that your baby is eating enough. Don't be surprised by the small amount of milk your baby is eating. Your baby is a small creature and needs many small meals during the day to develop.

Another thing you should know is your baby's habits, likes and dislikes. If you have been breast feeding the baby and have now decided to switch to bottle milk, you might notice that the baby likes the milk in room temperature. This is good for you as you will not spend too much time preparing the meal. Preparing the formula is not difficult, but there are some things you should remember. First of all, you should sterilize the bottles before you use them. Put them in boiling water for five minutes and then wash them with water and soap. Make sure you keep them in a clean place.

Bottle feeding is easier and can be carried with you, but is still the time when you feed the baby and you should pay attention to that. Keep the baby calm and enjoy the time you spend together. Use this time to bond with your baby. Hold the baby in your arms and create a safe and secure environment to feed it. If you start with bottle feeding the baby will get used to it. If you start with breast feeding and later change to bottle feeding, your baby might hesitate at first because the milk tastes different and the baby is not used to it, but because it probably tastes sweeter your baby will get used to it soon.

You can mix breast milk with ready made milk but this is not advised. If you have breast milk to feed your baby, you should give the breast milk first and then see if the baby needs any more milk. Breast milk is better and you shouldn't mix it as the baby might not consume the portion and you will waste it. So feed the breast milk first and then prepare supplements if they are needed.

Bottle feeding is easy and can be a nice experience. It is the time you spend with your baby and feed it. You should remember that this is also the time when you and your baby bond together and realize life structure. Feed the baby in a calm environment and avoid crowded places and too much noise. The baby is not ready yet for all these things. If you were breast feeding the baby and you are now using a bottle, give the baby time to adjust to this change,

Feeding is the time you spend with your baby. Make the most of it. We all know it won't be around forever.

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