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4 Breastfeeding Positions Every New Mom Should Try

by ANB Baby 22 Nov 2021


So, you've made the decision to breastfeed but as a new mom breastfeeding your newborn can be a little difficult. However, never fear with a little practice and preparation you'll get the hang of it.      

First, you need to make sure you are comfortable. Pick a cozy spot to sit and feel free to use foot stools and pillows to provide extra support. Maternity pillows used during pregnancy can also double as nursing pillows too! Now you just need to find a comfortable nursing position for you and baby. Once you're all set up, try one of these four breastfeeding positions:

1. The Cradle Hold Position

      One of the first positions many new mothers will try is the Cradle Hold. In fact, this is the position you're most likely to see on TV right after a mother gives birth. To start, you want to hold your baby across your arm. So, cradle their head in the nook of your arm with your hand supporting their bottom. Turn them on their side so you are belly to belly and raise them to your breast. You'll probably need your other hand to hold your breast and help them latch. You might need a pillow on your lap with this hold to raise your baby up to your nipple.

      2. The Cross-Cradle Position

          Next is the Crossover or Cross Cradle position. This position is similar to the cradle hold in name and look. Instead of your baby's head cradled in the nook of your arm you will hold their head with your hand. Support their neck, head and shoulder with your hand on the base of their head and your thumb and index finger at ear level. This hold may require a nursing pillow as well. Compared to the Cradle Hold, this hold allows more control over how well your baby latches making it easier to maneuver their head.

          3. The Side-Lying Position

              If you've had a cesarean section the Side Lying Hold is one for you! This hold removes pressure from your abdomen by putting your baby to your side. Start by lying down next to your baby and put them on their side so their nose is opposite your nipple. You can use your lower arm or even a rolled-up blanket to cradle your baby's back! Please take care not to fall asleep in this position. Make sure you return your baby to their resting spot first!

              4. The Football Hold Position

                  The Side Lying Hold isn’t the only option available for moms who have had a cesarean section. The Clutch or Football Hold is ideal for cesarean mothers, mothers with large breasts and even mothers with twins who want to nurse both babies at the same time! Place a pillow next to you and use one arm to cradle your baby facing upwards. Use the palm of that hand to hold your baby’s head and support their neck. Nestle them close to your side with their legs and feet tucked under your arm. Then simply lift their head to your nipple. This one takes a bit of practice so if you're juggling two nursing babies ask for help the first few times!

                  4 Breastfeeding Positions Every New Mom Should Try

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