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Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions

25 Mar 2019

Person, Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions

Breastfeeding is the manner in which a mother is able to nourish her little one by being the source of nourishment for her little one due to the milk which her breasts produce. This tradition has been around ever since the start of humanity. For a long time breastfeeding has been the only way to feed a newborn baby.

Engorgement may occur at the beginning of the milk-producing cycle. The milk-making cells enlarge following hormonal stimulus and an increase in the blood supply. The process lasts for two to three days and in many women causes the breasts to swell painfully. Cold compresses and a mild painkiller should relieve the condition.

The most common problem every mother will face is breast engorgement. It happened due to excess milk in your breast. Your breast will feel swollen, hard, heavy and painful. To overcome the problem, simply express out some of the milk before feeding. Make sure you have empty your breast after feeding by expressing the excess milk in your breast.

Using not too hot water to wash the breast before breastfeeding, also, using firm brassier to support the breast after breast feeding equally helps to reduce tension from the breast. If the engorgement is severe, the above methods are not allowed because they are painful. Rather, the woman should use some analgesic.

The onset of breast milk jaundice is typically at 1-2 weeks of life and occurs in about 1% of the population of breast feeding newborns. It is apparently caused by the presence of a substance in the breast milk that enhances red cell hemolysis or alters liver function. it is rarely necessary to stop breast-feeding.

Thrush is a yeast infection in the baby's mouth that looks like little white patches on their tongue and the inside of the cheeks. Mom can continue to breast feed as long as both she and the baby are treated with a medication.

The benefits of breast feeding are so many. When the baby sucks the breast, it helps in maturing the jaw alignment and the appropriate formation of the cheek bone. Seems amazing, but this is the main reason for an adult to go less to the doctor's chamber for orthodontic work, if breast feeding is done properly during childhood.

In addition to the foods that you should eat above there are certain food types that you should steer clear of at this time. As above you should restrict your intake of oily fish to two portions per week but you should also avoid eating more than one portion of swordfish, marlin or shark per week as these fish contain high levels of mercury.

The use of dummies, teats or nipple shields may also contribute to refusal. Some babies actually find it difficult to feed from the breast and bottle as the sucking action is very different. Some become confused, therefore it's always best to avoid using any type of teats or dummies.

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