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Guidelines On Baby Feeding

by Norbert Shtaynberg 24 Mar 2019

Human, Guidelines On Baby Feeding

We cannot deny with the fact that breast feeding is best for babies but after some time there comes a phase when you have to start bottle feeding for your baby. It is seen that many parents without thinking anything buy bottles according to the brand but apart from brand it is very important to check some of the features that make feeding more comfortable and save for him. Let your baby try some bottles and see how he responds. If you think your baby likes a certain brand, you can always purchase more bottles later on. If your baby isn't happy with the bottles you chose, try out new brand available in the market.

For the growth and development of the baby, it is very important for them to get them proper feeding bottles and accessories. If you think your baby is not getting enough nutrition, you should worry. Inadequate feeding can cause certain health problems such as dehydration, obesity, malnutrition, and etc.

Types of bottles and their importance .

1. Bottle Nipple Shape May Be Important-

The first and foremost thing that should be considered before purchasing any feeding bottles is shape of the nipple. There are babies that find difficult to switch from mothers breast to nipple, for them wide-base nipples bottles are best that resemble a mother's breast and nipple, for example Nuby feeding nurser bottle 240ml , Pigeon Nursing Bottle Kp 120ML with Peristaltic etc. However, if you are formula-feeding your baby, the shape of the nipple of his bottle is not that important as long as he is happily eating from it.

2. Check Nipple Flow Rate-

At the time of feeding, it is very important to check the flow of milk. You will find both slow flow as well as flow nipples and you have to decide which one is good for your baby. In the beginning, newborns usually need slower flow nipples at first. It is important to that they don't have to gulp away their dinner. Fast flow nipples can cause tummy troubles for newborns. However, some newborns may not like slow newborn flow nipples.

3. Bottle Materials - Glass or Plastic-

Material of the bottles is very important to thing to be considered before purchasing any bottle. It should be BPA free and ensure safety norms. As compare to glass bottles, plastic bottles are more useful, as these bottles are easier to hold, considering the tiny hands of babies. Unfortunately, recent news says that chemicals are found in some plastics and because of this, a lot of parents choose to let their babies use the classic glass feeding bottles. These glass bottles are easy to clean and can last a long time. But it is risky to cuts if it breaks so we should handle it with extra care. It is also important that bottles should be clean with special liquid baby cleaning soaps to clean these bottles and once a bottle gets scratched, cloudy or damaged, you should dispose it right away.

Check Bottle Shapes and Vent Systems

To feed baby properly is very daunting task and needs lot of patience. As for drinking milk and eating, some babies swallow more air than other babies as they eat. Other babies are more prone to tummy discomforts compared to others. For babies that tend to be irritable and uneasy after meals, bottles with an air vent system or those angled shape bottles are recommended. These can help prevent so much air from going inside baby's tummy. This may reduce post-meal fussiness. Always remember to buy bottles that can be easily cleaned. Check if a special bottle brush can fit inside. It is important that your baby's bottles are clean.

Nipple Materials - Preference and Safety

For the safety of the baby, it is very important to buy Clear silicone nipples than the dark-colored latex bottle nipples. They don't also carry the implicit for allergies that latex can. Babies find it harder to chew the holes of silicone nipple that's why there is much less risk of choking.

There are many online sites that have wide range of feeding bottles available with features mention, you can browse the best feeding bottle for your baby and make his feeding safe, comfortable and enjoyable

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