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How Activity Centers Help Your Child's Development

25 Jan 2022

As babies grow, they need to develop their cognitive and motor skills, which is why it can be useful to purchase an activity center, entertaining your child and further supporting their growth and development. There are different types of activity centers for babies available in the market, so let's take a look at what an activity center is, their benefits and how you can choose the best one.

What Is an Activity Center?

An activity center is a small entertainment station for your baby. They can either sit or stand in the middle while being surrounded by a number of sensory toys that are brightly colored and provide audio stimulation. Baby activity centers come with toys in different shapes, sizes, colors, and they can also play music and nursery rhymes to create an enjoyable and educational experience for your baby. Activity centers have been linked with assisting in the growth and development of babies, and they can be extremely durable and versatile when it comes to play time that enhances child development.

The Benefits of Activity Centers


Sensory stimulation:
As babies are constantly growing and developing, they continue to explore the world with their senses. An activity center provides your child with a safe space where they can experience different materials, shapes, colors, patterns, and sounds in their immediate surroundings. The activity center features can encourage your baby to explore, learn and grow, stimulating their senses and keeping them occupied, giving you as a parent peace of mind that they are being entertained.


Boosts cognitive development:
The toys featured on an activity center not only provide visual and audio stimulation, but are also educational. The toys can feature letters, numbers, and different colors to help babies familiarize themselves with basic concepts such as the alphabet and color spectrum. These activities stimulate the child's brain and improve their cognitive development.


Develops motor skills:
Activity centers come with toys that are within your child's reach, and they can easily move around the objects and toys as they seem fit, which teaches them about depth perception and how they can grasp objects, manipulate them and start to understand the cause and effect of their movements.


Once babies learn how to crawl, it can become extremely exhausting for parents to run around the entire house and chase after them and tidying up their toys. With an activity center, your child can focus their creative energy in playing in a single location as they can be sufficiently entertained with the colorful assortment of toys available. In addition to providing entertainment, it's easier for you as a parent to keep an eye on your babies while they are playing, if their focus is on their activity center. If you have a baby who can’t walk or crawl yet, a play mat like the Skip Hop Baby Play Gym or an activity center such as the Skip Hop Baby Activity Center would be perfect for you. If your little one is more mobile and can push themselves along the floor, crawl or even toddle, a baby walker and mobile activity center cross like the Tiny Love Here I Grow 4-in-1 Baby Walker and Mobile Activity Center would be ideal to help them develop.


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