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How to Make a Beautiful Diaper Cake in 5 Easy Steps

by Vannessa Rhoades 18 Jan 2024
How to Make a Beautiful Diaper Cake in 5 Easy Steps

Babies can use up to 12 diapers in a single day, making them a huge deal for new parents. Why not turn this essential item into a creative centerpiece for a baby shower? Enter diaper cakes— trendy cake-shaped structures made of diapers and adorned with decorations, like flowers or stuffed animals. Despite their intricate appearance, creating a unique diaper cake is easier than you might think and a thoughtful and enjoyable idea for hosts and attendees of a baby shower. 

Not only do diaper cakes serve as a memorable and adorable gift, but they also double as practical centerpieces. New parents can never have enough diapers, making these cakes a useful and much-appreciated present. Some creative guests even sneak in extra diapering supplies, such as wipes and diaper cream, to make this gift even more helpful. Whether you’re wondering how to make a small diaper cake or how to make a 3-tier diaper cake, here’s everything you need to know about how to make a fun gift that the parents-to-be will love.

Supplies You’ll Need for a Diaper Cake

To create a diaper cake, you have a variety of options for making and decorating. Here's a basic list of what you'll need:

    • Diapers: One or two packs, with the quantity depending on the desired size of the cake tiers. Roughly, the base may need 20 to 60 diapers, the second tier 10 to 40 diapers, and the third tier 5 to 20 diapers. These are flexible estimates, and you can decide the size and number of tiers. While using a single diaper size can result in a more uniform cake structure, consider using different sizes for each tier. This approach ensures that the parents-to-be will have a range of diaper sizes available for their baby.
      • Elastic rubber bands: One extra-large band per tier and small bands for each diaper if you're using the rolling method.
        • Decorative ribbon: Essential for securing diapers and adding decoration.
          • Base: Choose between cardboard, a cake stand, a tray, or even a slice of wood for a unique touch.
            • Glue: Optional but useful for securing the ribbon.
              • Dowels: Necessary if you plan to have multiple tiers to keep them fixed in place.
                • Scissors
                • Optional extras: Small baby gifts for decoration, and any craft supplies for signs or additional decorations. Explore decoration ideas for inspiration.
                • Large lengths of cellophane or soft tulle: Needed if you plan to wrap the finished diaper cake.

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                  Creating the Diaper Cake

                  Now that you’ve assembled your supplies, let’s break down the steps to create a diaper cake—because patience and creativity are key here!

                  Step 1

                  Choose a sturdy base, whether it's cardboard, a cake stand, or a tray. Consider covering it in foil or wrapping paper for a polished look.

                  Step 2

                  Depending on your chosen method (roll-up or wrap), prepare the diapers accordingly. For roll-up, secure each rolled diaper with a small rubber band or ribbon. For wrap, simply take the diapers out of the packaging.

                  Step 3

                  Position the diapers based on your chosen method. For roll-up, arrange the rolls vertically, securing them with an extra-large rubber band or ribbon. Insert wooden dowels for multiple tiers. For wrap, use a clean paper towel roll as a base, wrapping diapers around it until the desired width is achieved. Continue building tiers, adjusting sizes, and securing with rubber bands or ribbons.

                  Step 4

                  Get creative with decorations! Cover rubber bands with ribbon, add small toys to tiers, and consider a feature toy, like a teddy bear, on top. Explore various decoration options, from flowers to paper cutouts, and match the theme or create your own color combination.

                  Step 5

                  If you're transporting the cake, wrap it up. Lay cellophane or soft tulle on the table, place the cake on top, pull the corners up, cinch them together, and secure the wrapping with ribbon. Now you're ready to impress at the baby shower!

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                  How to Make a Beautiful Diaper Cake in 5 Easy Steps

                  Diaper Cake Decoration Inspiration

                  Whether you’re trying to decide how to make a diaper cake for a boy, how to make a diaper cake for a girl, how to honor a woodland-style shower theme, or how to make a more modern centerpiece, we’ve got you covered! Get inspired with these diaper cake decoration ideas:

                  • Say it with flowers—use fresh or fake blooms or craft paper flower buds.
                  • Add sweet treats like cake pops or cookies on sticks between diaper rolls, accompanied by a sign.
                  • Use colorful ribbons, such as baby blue and white, baby pink and white, or a gender-neutral yellow and baby blue.
                  • Enhance with paper cutouts, whether it's fairies for a woodlands theme or general baby-related shapes.
                  • Wrap string lights around each tier for a show-stopping effect.
                  • Experiment with patterned ribbons or layer different colors and textures for added flair.
                  • Explore creative base options, like a wood slice for a nature theme or a mirrored tray for a touch of elegance.
                  • Cover diaper rolls with crinkled paper matching the color scheme or theme.
                  • Include a children's book, especially if the baby shower has a "bring a book" theme.
                  • Embrace the natural look with twine instead of ribbon, paired with greenery or flowers.
                  • Hang a pennant banner or create your own using colorful card stock.
                  • Cover each tier in themed fabric, like buffalo check for a farm shower or muslin for a versatile gift.
                  • Crown your creation with a plush toy on top, matching the color scheme or contrasting for a playful look.
                  • Add tulle trim for a ballerina or princess theme, cleverly concealing the base.
                  • Feature baby booties as a cute centerpiece.
                  • Incorporate bows and bow ties to match a themed baby shower.
                  • Embrace the unicorn trend by adding a horn, ears, and eyelashes crafted from card stock.
                  • Attach a small helium balloon with wording or colors that complement the overall theme.
                  • Keep it small and simple with a one-tier diaper cake adorned with a lovely ribbon, sign, or soft toy on top. Voila, all done!
                  • Craft a thematic sign, like "Oh, baby!" or "Oh, boy!" using various materials and colors.
                  • Match decorations to the season, from sunflowers in summer to snowman themes in winter.
                  • Give it a modern spin with succulents or greenery, perfect for a non-traditional look.
                  • Include small gifts like teething rings, bath toys, or baby booties for an extra touch.
                  • For twins, create two small diaper cakes or include two toys for each baby.
                  • Place a rubber duck on top for a classic and usable touch.

                  The Bottom Line

                  When it comes to diaper cakes, there are no strict rules. Whether you opt for a grand or simple design, the key is the sentiment behind it, and your endeavors will be valued. Enjoy the process, and witness the joy on the guest of honor's face when you reveal your masterpiece.


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