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Next Level Possibilities: Why We Love Nuna Demi Next

by Vannessa Rhoades 28 Feb 2024
Next Level Possibilities: Why We Love Nuna Demi Next

The Nuna Demi Next Stroller with Rider Board is not just a stroller system; it's a lifestyle. Crafted with the modern family in mind, it aims to be the ultimate accessory for those who demand the best in style, comfort, and convenience. This versatile stroller is designed to grow with possibilities, offering a range of features that cater to the dynamic needs of today's parents. In this ANB Baby review, we're exploring our favorite features of the Nuna Demi Next Collection, its design, functionalities, and various configurations. From the Nuna Demi Next Stroller to its accessories like the Nuna Demi Next Bassinet and Sibling Seat, ANB Baby covers it all!


Nuna Demi Next Stroller with Rider Board

The Nuna Demi Next Stroller: Designed Around Your Life

The adaptability and thoughtful design features of the Nuna Demi Next stroller and its accessories make it a versatile choice for modern families on the go. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite features.

Unparalleled Versatility: Nuna Demi Next Configurations

With more than 25+ modes, the Nuna Demi Next stands out for versatile configurations, offering a range of options to suit your family's needs. Whether you're looking for a bassinet for your newborn or a sibling seat for an older child, the Nuna Demi Next has you covered. 

Nuna Demi Next Configurations

Get Around With Ease: Nuna Demi Next Maneuverability

The wide, swivel-lock front wheels make it a master of smooth riding motion, ensuring easy maneuverability. Adjusting the calf support and footrest is a breeze with the one-hand adjustable feature, accommodating your child's growth effortlessly. The one-touch rear-wheel braking system ensures scuff-free control, while the custom dual suspension and tough, foam-filled tires provide a smooth ride on any terrain. 

Top-of-the-Line: Nuna Demi Next Safety and Comfort

Comfort and safety are a top priority on the Nuna Demi Next stroller. Your child will be safe and snug on every ride thanks to the MagneTech secure snap™ buckles that automatically lock into place, along with the quick-release 3 to 5-point harness for easy fastening. The stroller also includes a rain cover, a thoughtful addition to keep your little one snug and safe during unexpected weather changes. Even the wheels on this stroller have extra protection, with built-in hub caps and fenders to protect them from dirt and debris. 

The Nuna Demi Next also has a super comfortable all-season seat that easily converts to mesh for warmer months. The water-repellent UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy™ shields your little one from the elements, complete with a privacy drape and ventilation panels for ideal airflow. No matter the environment, the Nuna Demi Next keeps your little one safe and cozy.

Modern Functionality: Nuna Demi Next Stroller Design

The Nuna Demi Next Stroller is a testament to clever design and brilliant functionality. With forward and rear-facing seat options, it adapts to your child's growing needs. Parents love the height-adjustable push bar with luxe leatherette accents and the elevated seat level that lets them have an eye-to-eye connection with their little one. The rotating and removable armbar ensures a comfortable fit for kids of all sizes. There’s also a large basket with a 22-lb capacity that ensures you can carry everything you need for the journey.

Nuna Demi Next Stroller Design

How to Close the Nuna Stroller

Parents know that having an easy-collapse feature is an important aspect of a stroller’s functionality. Fortunately, closing the Nuna Demi Next is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps for quick and convenient storage:

        1. Before folding the stroller, adjust the handle to the third highest position and make sure the front swivel locks are unlocked. The stroller can be folded with the stroller/sibling seat facing forward or without the stroller/sibling seat. If folding with the seat, place the seat in the most reclined position for a more compact fold.
        2. Fold the canopy and rotate the storage latch out.
        3. Press the secondary lock and pull up the folding button.
        4. Rotate the handle down and make sure the storage latch is closed on the stroller frame.
        5. Fold the calf support down for a more compact fold.

This easy folding mechanism adds to the overall convenience of the Nuna Demi Next, making it a practical choice for busy parents on the go.

Nuna Demi Next Stroller Design

Nuna Demi Next Weight Limit

Another mark of this stroller’s exceptional functionality is its generous weight limit. The Nuna Demi Next is designed to accommodate your child's growth, ensuring a comfortable ride from infancy to toddlerhood. With a robust build and durable materials, this stroller/sibling seat and rider board are suitable for use with children who meet the following requirements:

    • Weight: up to 50 lb (22.7 kg) maximum
    • Height: up to 45 in. (114.3 cm)

When using the stroller frame with the bassinet or infant carrier, parents should refer to the child usage requirements listed in those instruction manuals.

Nuna Demi Next Accessories

The Nuna Demi Next is complemented by a range of accessories that enhance its functionality and style. Let's explore some of the key accessories that can elevate your strolling experience:

Nuna Demi Next Rider Board

The included Nuna Demi Next Rider Board is the perfect addition for families with an older sibling who may need a break from walking. With two swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, the rider board holds up to 50 lbs and seamlessly attaches to the stroller. When not in use, it conveniently flips into the stroller basket, maintaining the sleek design. Folding with the stroller, this rider board is a practical solution for on-the-go families. It not only adds an extra element of convenience but also ensures that your older child can join the journey with ease, making the Nuna Demi Next a truly family-friendly stroller.

Nuna Demi Next Bassinet

The Nuna Demi Next Bassinet is a luxurious addition to the stroller, providing a cozy and secure space for your newborn. The oversized, full-coverage canopy offers protection from the sun, while ventilation panels ensure optimal air circulation. The bassinet easily connects to the DEMI next stroller without the need for an adapter, streamlining the transition. It features a GOTS-certified organic cotton mattress cover for better-for-baby comfort, and the machine-washable components make it easy to maintain. The bassinet collapses for convenient storage and unfolds effortlessly when needed, with a stand included for added convenience.

Nuna Demi Next Bassinet

Nuna Demi Next Sibling Seat

For families with multiple children, the Nuna Demi Next Sibling Seat is a game-changer. Connecting easily to the stroller frame in the top or lower position, it becomes a duplicate of the main seat, offering forward and rear-facing options. The self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles ensure a secure fit, while the all-season seat caters to your child's comfort in various weather conditions. With a simple installation in the lower basket area and no need for adapters, the sibling seat seamlessly integrates into the stroller's design.

Nuna Demi Next Sibling Seat

Nuna Demi Next + PIPA Urbn Travel System

Crafted for the confident parent who demands the best, the Nuna Demi Next + PIPA Urbn Travel System in Caviar epitomizes style, comfort, and convenience. The PIPA urbn infant car seat pairs seamlessly with the DEMI next, offering baseless installation for secure transitions in seconds. This complete travel system provides everything you need for a smooth and stylish travel experience with your little one.

Nuna Demi Next + PIPA Urbn Travel System

The Verdict on the Nuna Demi Next Collection

The Nuna Demi Next is a standout choice for parents seeking a stroller that goes beyond the basics. With its multitude of forward and rear-facing seat options, one-touch braking system, and custom dual suspension™, it combines style, functionality, and comfort seamlessly. The versatile configurations, including the Nuna Demi Next Bassinet and Sibling Seat, make it adaptable to the evolving needs of your family. The thoughtful design features, like the MagneTech secure snap™ buckles, water-repellent canopy, and no-rethread harness, showcase Nuna's commitment to safety and convenience. The thoughtful extra accessories like the rain cover, rider board, and luxe leatherette accents on the push bar make us love it even more.

For parents who want the best for their child and appreciate a stroller that aligns with their lifestyle, the Nuna Demi Next is a lifestyle statement in itself. It grows with possibilities, providing options and features that cater to the demands of modern family living. Embrace the confidence that comes with choosing the Nuna Demi Next—the ultimate accessory for your family's journey.

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