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Our Top 5 Natural Baby Toys

by ANB Baby Sales 17 Feb 2022

There are so many essential things for babies, ranging from diapers to strollers. But just like all the other necessities, you simply can’t overlook baby toys. They are significant additions to your family home and keep your child occupied, plus many toys even help in your child’s development.

If you don’t know which toys to get for your little one, you can browse through our top five picks of the best natural baby toys.

1. MARY MEYER WubbaNub Soft Toy and Infant Pacifier Dinosaur

When your baby is just a few months old, it’s good to introduce your little one to some soft plushies and pacifiers to help them develop a firm grip. This Soft Toy and Infant Pacifier Dinosaur feature both. The Dinosaur is soft and squishy and is approximately 6 inches long, making it the perfect toy that even a few months old infants can hold. It comes with a sewn-in pacifier made using medical-grade silicone and is completely safe for your child.


2. Estella Banana Organic Stuffed and Plush Baby Toy

Get your little one a snuggle partner with Estella’s Banana Organic Stuffed and Plush baby toy. The banana-shaped toy is made using organic cotton to give your baby the utmost level of comfort. The 9-inch-long handmade banana is one of the best natural baby toys that will become your child’s closest ally during nap time.


3. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints 14-42 Piece Sets

Bring out your child’s inner creativity and let them experience something new and fun by getting them the Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set. As your child matures, it’s a good idea to introduce natural wooden baby toys to them to let them experience new textures and make playtime more enjoyable.

The wooden block set comes with different shapes that allow your kid to create unique creations of their own. It is perfect for stimulating brain activity for children over one.


4. Tegu Travel Pal Magnetic Wooden Block Set 6-Piece

Traveling with your baby will be a breeze when you take the Tegu Travel Pal Magnetic Wooden Block Set along. The 6-piece block set allows your child to indulge in the world of creativity while you’re on the road. The best part is that the playset is hazard-free as it does not contain any toxic materials. It is entirely safe for children of all ages and is the perfect toy to become a family heirloom.


5. Estella Organic Subway Train Car Newborn Rattles Baby Toys

A rattle toy doesn’t need to be made of metal or plastic. Now your little one can get an adorable subway train rattle toy by Estella Organic. This handcrafted toy is handmade using organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. The plush toy rattles and has a polyester filling. It creates a fun sound for your newborn to enjoy and is perfectly tailored to be held by tiny baby hands.


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