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Sharing Lessons on Love & Life: Meet the Newest Slumberkins

by Vannessa Rhoades 28 Aug 2023

Sharing Lessons on Love & Life: Meet the Newest Slumberkins

As parents who value emotional well-being and growth, we have always been fans of Slumberkins and their incredible collection of plush creatures. Recently, ANB Baby welcomed their newest additions to our collection, and we have to say, we are truly impressed! Today, we’re introducing you to the latest members of the Slumberkins family, each accompanied by a beautifully crafted lesson book. From self-acceptance to stress relief, mindfulness to emotional courage, these enchanting creatures bring important life lessons to children in the most engaging and lovable way.

1. Yak Kin + Lesson Book, Yak Struggles With Mistakes: A Lesson In Self Acceptance

The Yak Kin, along with its accompanying lesson book, tackles the crucial topic of self-acceptance. It teaches children the value of embracing mistakes as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. With its soft, comforting presence, the Yak Kin offers a companion to lean on during challenging moments, promoting resilience and a positive mindset.


2. Alpaca Kin + Lesson Book, Alpaca Holds Your Worries: A Lesson in Stress Relief

The Alpaca Kin is a gentle reminder that it's okay to feel overwhelmed at times. This adorable plush creature and its lesson book guide children through stress relief techniques and coping strategies. Whether it's a hug or a quiet moment shared, the Alpaca Kin helps alleviate worries and encourages a sense of calmness.


Sharing Lessons on Love & Life: Meet the Newest Slumberkins

3. Ibex Kin + Lesson Book, Ibex Feels Deeply: A Lesson in Emotional Courage

The Ibex Kin embodies the concept of emotional courage, teaching children to embrace and express their emotions in a healthy and authentic way. With the Ibex Kin by their side, children can explore their feelings, develop empathy, and gain the confidence to navigate emotional experiences.


4. Sloth Kin + Lesson Book, Sloth Learns To Slumber: A Lesson in Routines

Routines are essential for children's well-being, and the Sloth Kin beautifully imparts this lesson. The Sloth Kin, accompanied by its lesson book, helps establish a comforting routine for children, making bedtime an enjoyable and predictable experience. The adorable Sloth Kin provides a sense of security, making it easier for children to wind down and transition to sleep.


Sharing Lessons on Love & Life: Meet the Newest Slumberkins

5. Yeti Kin + Lesson Book, Yeti Focuses On Her Senses: A Lesson in Mindfulness

The Yeti Kin introduces children to the practice of mindfulness, encouraging them to engage their senses and be present in the moment. Through the Yeti Kin's playful and mindful adventures, children develop an awareness of their surroundings and learn to appreciate the beauty in everyday experiences.


Additional Mini Collection

In addition to these new plush friends and Slumberkins books, we’ve also expanded our mini collection! These pocket-sized companions offer comfort and support on the go, allowing children to carry their lessons and emotional support wherever they may be.

Sharing Lessons on Love & Life: Meet the Newest Slumberkins

The Takeaway

The newest Slumberkins collection has surpassed our expectations once again. With characters like the Yak, Alpaca, Ibex, Sloth, and Yeti, children can learn important life lessons while forming deep connections with these lovable plush creatures. Slumberkins' commitment to promoting emotional well-being, mindfulness, and self-acceptance is evident in every detail of its products. We highly recommend these enchanting creatures and their accompanying lesson books to parents seeking to instill essential values and foster emotional growth in their children. With Slumberkins, children can embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and mindfulness while cuddling up with their favorite companions.

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