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The Advantages of Buying Soft Toys for Your Baby

06 Apr 2019

The Advantages of Buying Soft Toys for Your Baby

First we will discuss teethers and soft plastic baby toy tips. The teethers and soft toys that are made of a pliable plastic are usually made with PVC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC made toys are not usually a good thing for the baby to have as it is made with a plasicizing chemical called DINP. This chemical has been shown to cause cancer,liver and kidney damage in lab animals that have been given high doses. Even the four percent that has been found in these baby toys of this chemical is forty percent higher than that recommended by baby safety commissions. Safer teethers and soft toys are available on the market just look for those with no phthalate materials used on the label.

Our second topic is wood baby toy tips. Wood baby toys are a natural and healthy choice for your baby as most have coatings that are non-toxic sealers and paints. These toys are not just safe but can become family heirlooms as they are durable and attractive, and can be repaired so each generation can have a beautiful toy. The wood toys to avoid are those made of pressed wood because they contain a Urea-Formaldehyde adhesive which can cause throat and skin irritation and nausea. Pressed wood toys do not have the finished edges of natural woods and are more bumpy in the texture. Wood toys made with mineral,linseed,or plant-based oils should not be used for children under three years of age.

The next topic that we are to discuss is stuffed baby toys tips. This is actually one of the safest toys for baby. Most stuffed or plush toys for baby are safe as long as they have no small parts that are sewed on and can be chewed off by teething. Also when purchasing a stuffed or plush toy be sure that all the seems on the toy are strong so that the baby will not have the chance to be exposed to the poly-fill material in the toy which is made with chemicals that can be ingested and potentially dangerous for the baby as well as the fact that the poly-fill is a choking hazard.

We are also going to discuss baby toy tips for the crib and play pen. The tips for the crib are simple. Please use large stuffed or plush toys that do not have small parts that can be torn or chewed off as babies love to put things in their mouths. Also avoid those stuffed animals that have a pellet stuffing such as beanie animals. Play pen toys are just a little more complicated than the crib as this is usually the place that the baby spends the most time awake so harder plastic toys and wood toys would be acceptable here for short time spans or under direct supervision.

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