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The Baby Essentials You Can't Live Without

by Norbert Shtaynberg 25 Mar 2019

Person, The Baby Essentials You Can't Live Without

Congratulations on your new arrival (or arrival soon to come)! Having a baby is a miraculous, life changing experience. Nothing will ever be the same after you set eyes on your new bundle of joy for the first time. Children are both a blessing and responsibility, and part of that new, shiny responsibility is making sure you have all the baby essentials. While there are dozens of lists out there to help you prepare for bringing your little angel home, here are a couple of baby essentials that are indispensable in the first few days.

Most of the baby books that you can buy are going to have spaces for birth announcements or certificates. You may not want to keep the original and legal versions of birth certificates and other items. Most hospitals give you keepsake versions, so put those in your baby books. The originals should be put away for safe keeping. The first curls cut off at a first haircut are great for your baby books, as well as small items that can lay relatively flat. Look for books that are made with acid free paper and use scrap-booking tape to keep the book nice as long as possible.

1. Formula- While many mothers choose to breastfeed, formula is one of the baby essentials that every mother should keep in the house. The best of intentions can fall to the wayside, whether it's because of the baby's tastes or yours. Having formula on hand can help prevent a stressed out mother from losing her mind by giving you the peace of mind in knowing that the baby will get the nutrition you need no matter what happens. Just keep it close by in case things change.

2. Diapers- This is one of those baby essentials that seems intuitive, but stockpiling on diapers can be a real life saver. New parents usually don't want to move they're so exhausted. Having to go to the store because you thought your little pee monster would be fine for a few more days is not a fun experience. Make sure you're stocked to the gills in diapers, just as a precaution.

3. Spit rags- Those angelic looking beings tend to have a nasty habit of pulling an exorcist impression on a regular basis. Not only are these impressions convincing, they're incredibly messy. Have at least twenty spit rags at your disposal for feedings and burping. It will save you many a cute baby outfit, and at least as many loads of wash in the long run. Spit rags are one of those baby essentials you can't live without.

4. Blankets- Blankets are easily one of those baby essentials that people overlook. It's great to have some keepsake blankets put to the side that are pretty to look at but not very functional. However, it is way more important to have large, soft blankets for baby to cuddle with and be swaddled in. Many a tragic infant has been subdued by the loving touch of a fuzzy blanket. However, much like the spit rags, you will go through these at a rapid rate. Make sure you have plenty on hand.

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