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The New Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller

by ANB Baby Sales 14 Jun 2022

Buying the best stroller for your infant can be tricky. Every parent knows that strollers can be pretty expensive. Plus, if you’re buying one, it should ideally be compact, super spacious, durable, and highly functional. So, if your brain is in a muddle and you can’t decide which stroller to get, we recommend the stylish, comfortable and versatile Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller.

The new Bugaboo Butterfly Complete Stroller is foldable, adorable, and a very versatile stroller. It is without a doubt one of the best on the market thanks to its premium features. 


The Bugaboo Butterfly Complete Stroller- The Top Features

Deep Storage  

When you’re out on an adventure with your little one, you need to remember to pack all the baby essentials, such as diaper bags, baby formulas, extra clothes, toys, and more. The Bugaboo Butterfly stroller has an under-seat basket that can easily carry up to 17 lbs. compared to Babyzen YOYO2, which only allows you to carry 11 lbs.  

Foldable Convenience  

The Bugaboo Butterfly features an ultimate one-hand compact fold. Many strollers can be cumbersome to fold or unlock regardless of how compact they are. It’s especially tricky when you’ve got a fussy baby, and you’re already running late. The Butterfly is so compact that you can store it in overhead compartments, car trunks, and small corridors without a worry. 


This Bugaboo Butterfly stroll is ideal for travelling. It is made from robust and premium-quality materials and weighs only 16 lbs., including the carry strap, seat inlay, and leg rest weights. Add on the rain cover on top, and this product ensures a breezy walk throughout the year.   

Bump-Free Rides  

The Bugaboo Butterfly Baby Stroller is equipped with smaller wheels, with front-wheel dimensions of 11.9 cm and in-rear wheel dimensions of 15.2cm. This intuitive design helps to avoid bumps and accidentally waking your toddler from a peaceful nap. The remarkable suspension further helps you put minimal push to get the stroller riding smoothly across the lanes.  


Even though the functionality is crucial, this stroller is designed impeccably, with a stylish finish to ensure you and your little one look the part on any adventure. You can get the Bugaboo compact stroller in trending earthy colors such as warm Forest Green, Midnight Black, and Stormy Blue fabrics.  

Wide Range of Accessories 

One of the best things about owning a Bugaboo travel stroller is that it has numerous accessories that make trips easier for you and your little one. For instance, the sun canopy protects your baby from the sun’s harsh glare and strong winds. Moreover, if the weather changes without prior notice and starts raining, you can quickly install the rain cover that comes with the stroller.  

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