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Tips on Choosing Safe Toys for Children

by Norbert Shtaynberg 29 Mar 2019

Person, Tips on Choosing Safe Toys for Children

Toddler toys that can help your baby walk - using toddler push toys to your advantage and how to buy them

Amongst all the kinds of toddler toys that you will buy for your little one, a push toys is the most essential. Apart from the fact that these toys are an absolute must for encouraging basic motor skills like standing, walking and running in your toddler, they often turn out to be one of the all time favorites. These push toddler toys are also multi functional and it does take a while before your child actually outgrows them.

Standing, Walking, Running...

Enhancing toddler motor skills is primary function of a 'push' toddler toy. With the help of this one toy you can help your child learn to stand, walk and even run. Using the 'push' toddler toy to stand can be done when your baby starts showing an inclination towards walking but is not yet able to do it independently. The handle of the push toy can be used as support by which your baby can raise his or herself and stand. Once your baby has mastered the art of doing this then encourage him or her to take their first steps holding their hand. You can encourage your baby to walk using the support of the push toy handle. 'Push' toddler toys like Small time Child's 'pushing car wooden walker', are the best way to boost a child's confidence for walking and then eventually running.

Additional Bonuses of toddler push toys

One of the few kinds of toddler toys that have multiple uses, the push toy generally comes in shape and sizes that motivate role play in toddlers. Most often you will find that the push toy has a shape of a car, a lawn mower, a vacuum cleaner etc. Some 'push' toys also serve as activity centers as they come with activities such as building blocks, shape sorters etc.

Types of 'push' toddler toys and their pros and cons

Type 1: Two-in-one push toys. These toddler toys serve a dual purpose. They serve as push toys as well as ride on toys. This toy is an economical option as the child basically gets two toys in one. It also leaves room for your child to manipulate the toys the way he or she sees fit. The only con that there could be with this toys is that when it is converted into a push toy, the child might not be able to stand behind it comfortably as the back wheels get in the way.

Type 2: 'Push' toddler toys that come with some sort of other activity. These could be in the form of maybe a music box, building blocks or shape sorters. These too can work out very economical as there are two toys packed in one.

Type 3: Toddler toys that are just plain push along toys but to compensate for that they come is various shapes that most often imitate household gadgets like a lawn mower. This encourages role play and can be used to introduce your child to household chores in a fun way.

Choosing the right toddler push toy

The most important thing to remember while choosing a toddler toy of this category is that you need to buy a sturdy one. This is the single most important feature that you would need to look for as your child is bound to try climbing and various other stunts. The toy should be able to stand without tipping over.

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