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Why We Love the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller and Bassinet

by Vannessa Rhoades 17 Mar 2024
Why We Love the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller and Bassinet

Choosing the right stroller for your little one isn’t just about transportation. It's about comfort, ease of use, and style. That’s where we think the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller with Lynx Bassinet checks all the boxes for parents who want a versatile and lightweight option. Today, we’re taking a closer look into the features that make this stroller stand-out among the competition.

Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller with Lynx Bassinet

The Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller: Comfort Without Compromise

Bugaboo understands that style and function should go hand-in-hand. The Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller is a testament to this philosophy. The reversible seat, 3-position recline, extra-large sun canopy, and peek-a-boo window are all thoughtful design touches aimed at providing the utmost comfort for your baby. The 5-point harness ensures a secure fit, and its one-hand operation makes securing and releasing your child a quick and hassle-free process. As your child grows, adjusting the harness is a breeze, eliminating the need for complex re-threading.

Bugaboo Lynx

Our Favorite Features of the Bugaboo Lynx Complete

1. Super light, extra strong

One of our favorite features of the Bugaboo Lynx is its weight—or lack thereof. Weighing in at just 20.7 lbs, it proudly holds the title of the lightest full-sized stroller available. The frame’s lightweight design is made from high-grade aerospace aluminum, making it a breeze for parents to lift and maneuver.

The Bugaboo Lynx manages to achieve a delicate balance between being super light and remarkably strong. Don't be fooled by this stroller’s feather-light composition – it’s a heavyweight when it comes to carrying capacity! With the ability to accommodate up to 50 lbs in the seat and an additional 22 lbs in the under-seat basket, this stroller proves that you can have both lightweight convenience and impressive load-bearing capability. Whether you're strolling with essentials or a week's worth of groceries, the Bugaboo Lynx handles it with ease. 

2. Thoughtful Bugaboo design

We love that Bugaboo understands that the comfort of your little one is a top priority for parents. The Lynx features a redesigned ergonomic seat with a 3-position recline, allowing your baby to sit up for a snack or lay flat for a nap, all while facing you or the world. The reversible seat adds a level of flexibility that caters to both parent and child preferences.

Rain or shine, when it comes to protection from the elements, Bugaboo has your little one covered! The extra-large extendable canopy not only shields your baby from the sun but also includes a peek-a-boo window. This thoughtful addition allows for air circulation while giving you a convenient way to keep an eye on your little one during your strolls.

3. Easy maneuverability for a smoother stroll

From coffee shops to dressing rooms, tight spaces can be challenging to navigate with any stroller. The Bugaboo Lynx's compact and streamlined design, coupled with its responsive, one-handed push, makes maneuvering in confined spaces a breeze. The smooth suspension and large wheels further contribute to a comfortable ride for your child, regardless of the terrain or the stroller's load. Whether you're tackling crowded streets or maneuvering through a busy mall, the Lynx offers a smooth ride with its agile design.

4. Puncture-proof wheels

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of flat tires! The Bugaboo Lynx comes equipped with puncture-proof wheels, both large and small. Whether you're navigating urban terrain or exploring off the beaten path, you can trust that you won't be stranded with a flat tire.

5. Compact, self-standing fold

We adore the convenience of this stroller’s self-standing fold! The Bugaboo Lynx offers a one-piece self-standing fold, eliminating the need to remove the seat for compact storage. For even more space-saving options, a two-piece fold is also available for storage at home or in the trunk of your car.

6. Pairs perfectly with the Bugaboo Turtle infant car seat

For parents looking for a seamless transition from car to stroller, the Bugaboo Lynx pairs perfectly with the Bugaboo Turtle infant car seat. The integrated adapters ensure a secure connection, creating a travel system that simplifies your daily routine.

Bugaboo lynx and turtle

What Parents Are Saying About the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller with Lynx Bassinet

Read what other families love about this dreamy travel companion.

“I just received my first Bugaboo stroller and it is beautiful! The quality and design are like no other. It took about 10 minutes to put together (while watching a YouTube tutorial) and no tools were required. It was so easy! My toddler jumped in right away and got cozy. He’s been asking to go on walks now daily! We are expecting baby #2 in March and we are excited to upgrade our toddler to the wheel board. How awesome is that! We love that this stroller can accommodate 2 kids (a baby from birth and a toddler on the wheelboard). The seat also can face forward or face the parents. I purchased the blue melange and it is the most beautiful stroller I’ve ever seen. I was contemplating other stroller brands but this one is the lightest on the market and it stands while folded. Two extremely important details for me. For someone who hauls the stroller from home to car so often, you need a light one! I also love that the seat can detach and go with you and baby can continue to use it as a seat. I can’t say enough great things about this stroller!”

“I have used the Lynx Complete Stroller by Bugaboo for a few months and I have to say I love it. It looks great but is also so easy to use. It was easy to put together, and I love all the different configurations. The harness is so easy to buckle and unbuckle. The extra large expandable canopy is everything in the summer. The drive is the best and easy to use with one hand and maneuver around. The basket is enough to run out and do a small grocery run without a cart. I watched many reviews and videos and am happy I chose this brand and this stroller.”

“Did extensive research before buying the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller in black. Baby is five months, and although he is taller than the average, he still fits very comfortably in the bassinet. This is a great buggy, nimble enough for getting around the city and off-roading in parks without compromising on baby’s comfort.”

The Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller with Lynx Bassinet: Is It Worth It?

The Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller with Lynx Bassinet is a stellar choice for parents who want a versatile, lightweight, and feature-packed stroller. Its innovative design, ergonomic seat, exceptional maneuverability, and compatibility with the Bugaboo Turtle infant car seat make it a convenient and comfortable solution for both parent and child. With a self-standing fold, puncture-proof wheels, and an extra-large extendable canopy, Bugaboo successfully marries style with functionality. The Lynx is a testament to Bugaboo’s commitment to providing parents with a premium strolling experience without compromising on comfort, safety, or ease of use. Pick up yours today from ANB Baby!

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