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Why We Love the Bugaboo Turtle One Infant Car Seat

by Vannessa Rhoades 13 Aug 2023


Why We Love the Bugaboo Turtle One Infant Car Seat

Bugaboo, a world leader in luxury strollers, has designed an amazing, convenient car seat with help from another high-end Dutch baby gear manufacturer. The Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna infant car seat and base is a safe travel solution for transporting your baby from day one. Featuring a lightweight design and adapters compatible with all Bugaboo strollers, it will allow you to carry your baby from the stroller to the car and back.

Top-Notch Safety Features

Rigorously tested and certified for top security on the road, the Bugaboo Turtle One features the same structure and safety features as the Nuna PIPA series. It even has a load leg, the metal anchor that stretches from the car seat base to the floor of your car —a design component that can increase stability and decrease the risk of head injury in an accident by nearly 50 percent. Special tailor tech foam offers optimal side-impact protection. The 5-point harness is adjustable and easy to buckle and unbuckle, ensuring you're always ready to ride, stroll, and go.

Why We Love the Bugaboo Turtle One Infant Car Seat

High-End Design

Bugaboo Turtle One’s signature canopy and Smart Shade transform the car seat into a comfortable cocoon. The unique full-width ventilation panel on the back of the canopy will keep your child comfortable whether you’re on the road or out for a stroll. The Turtle also comes with a breathable merino wool infant insert, a fabric only seen on the Nuna PIPA Lite LX, and is perfect for your newborn's sensitive skin. It offers optimal climate control and will give your child the same soothing feeling. Combined with the adjustable head support, it lets you adjust the seat as your baby grows, making them feel comfy all the way. 

Wondering when to remove the infant insert from the Bugaboo Turtle One? Bugaboo advises taking it out when your child weighs 11 lbs. Make sure that the shoulder harness straps are at or below your child's shoulders. These will need to be adjusted for fit as they grow.

Stroller Compatability

Best of all, the Bugaboo Turtle One x Nuna infant car seat and base fit all Bugaboo strollers with the use of car seat adapters, including the Bugaboo Bee 6, Bugaboo Ant, Bugaboo Bee 5, Bugaboo Lynx, and the Bugaboo Fox. The Turtle One’s lightweight design and ergonomic carry handle make it easy to lift and carry from car to stroller and back again.



What Parents Are Saying About the Bugaboo Turtle One Infant Car Seat

Take a look at what parents and other caregivers are saying about this chic, lightweight, ultra-safe care seat:

“Loving the Turtle One car seat, just changed over from a Graco car seat for my newborn and it was beyond worth it. Even before placing my newborn in the Turtle One I could tell how comfortable the car seat was just by the way the padding felt. It also had a very secure feeling once placing my newborn in the Turtle One... less body movement and great neck and head support made me personally feel more comfortable knowing he’s so secure yet he’s still comfortable in his car seat. I loved that the car seat shade had a nice touch with the magnetic straps... didn’t have to worry about messing with loud buttons or loud Velcro to seal the baby’s shade when he’s sleeping. And the shade itself is a very thick durable material that does its job to provide a great amount of shade!

“All in all the car seat is really lightweight compared to our previous car seat and other car seats we held at the store when trying to decide on the right one. Now, adding the weight of a baby to the seat we for sure know this was a great choice. Transitioning the car seat from our vehicle to the stroller is a very simple task for me to handle by myself without worry! The clean chic look of the car seat just adds to the all-around great things about this car seat.”

“Bugaboo never disappoints. Everything about this car seat is quality. The infant insert is incredibly easy to remove and clean (son is spitty), and the padding is secure and must be cozy because our son loves to sleep in it. The pullover shade is key. It’s airy but keeps it nice and dark which has been valuable when trying to keep the kiddo asleep while on the road.”

“The Turtle One car seat is a blessing. It has real metal latches when connected to the base for added durability. I never have to worry about plastic cracking, especially in frigid freezing temperatures. The padding is nice and comfortable for added protection and the sun screen has a great design. It fits perfectly with our Fox 2 stroller. We are so glad we made this purchase.”

“I had a professional car seat installer come install the car seats and she said she highly recommends the Bugaboo Turtle One for safety. It was very easy to install. Most of all the baby was happy. The seat is so plush and the baby felt very snug and comfortable. I absolutely love the magnet umbrella cover. So beautifully designed. The click in and out option is great when you have 3 kids and have to take your baby in tow.”

The Verdict

From the first ride home from the hospital to all your daily road trips and journeys, the Bugaboo Turtle One infant car seat is a high-quality, solidly built seat that blends essential safety features with stylish design. Its clever features, particularly the extendable canopy, the easy-to-use magnetic attachments, and the quality of the fabric and padding make it well worth the investment.

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