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Why We Love the Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

by Vannessa Rhoades 09 Jul 2023
Why We Love the Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

A baby play mat, or baby play gym, is a soft mat with overhead arches that hold toys. It provides a comfortable space for your baby to play on their tummy and practice rolling over. These mats offer numerous developmental and cognitive advantages, like helping little ones develop visual perception, gross motor skills, reaching and grasping abilities, as well as self-awareness. The Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Activity Mat by Gymini is one of our absolute favorites! This playful and fashionable baby gym includes 20 creative activities. The double-padded soft activity mat is made of premium fabrics and combined with a natural wooden play arch fitted with a selection of adorable hanging toys.


Benefits of the Tiny Love Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

The Tiny Love Boho Chic Collection’s trendy design and unique color palette will complement your home’s interior and create a peaceful, well-moderated environment that supports exploration. The Tiny Love Gymini comes with a set of month-by-month milestone cards, which offers a wonderful way of creating adorable keepsakes that celebrate your baby’s growth. Simply flip the card to discover a useful tip that will help you learn more about your baby’s development at that stage.

This mat is an essential activity tool that will keep your little one engaged and has numerous physical and mental benefits (plus it’s lots of fun for your baby!). These benefits include:

  • Stimulates the senses. Luxe Developmental Gymini has various toys, sounds, textures, and colors to offer visual, audio, and tactile stimulation for your little one to develop their senses.
  • Encourages cognition. Play along with Mark the Sloth and teach your baby the fundamentals of cause and effect. Hitting the musical toy will cause it to play melodies, nurturing cognitive skills.
  • Promotes relativity. Unlock a world of imagination with the cute characters from the Boho Chic collection! Use the toys and elements of this Tiny Love deluxe Gymini playmat to tell your baby their lovely story.
  • Cultivates motor skills. The engaging mirror, crinkly plant toy and peek-a-boo leaves encourage your little one to stay longer on their tummy. Tummy time improves motor skills and prepares for milestones ahead.
  • Boosts emotional development. Both Janis the Koala and Mark the Sloth have big eyes that are easy for your baby to focus on. This way the toys draw attention and offer important social and emotional information.
  • Encourages communication skills. The characteristic design and toy selection of Boho Chic's Luxe Developmental Gymini encourages parents to play along and communicate with their little one, improving language skills.
Why We Love the Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

How to Use the Tiny Love Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

0-3+ Months: Stimulating senses and practicing motor skills 

The Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini’s earthy colors, fun textures, and engaging sounds stimulate babies’ senses from the very first days. The wonderful collection of activities and toys will inspire your baby to practice skills and spend more time in tummy time. While lying on their backs, let your baby practice hand-eye coordination by trying to reach out and touch the eucalyptus mobile and wooden ring trio.

2+ Months: Extending tummy time

Use the mat’s engaging activities and textures to encourage your baby to spend more time in tummy time, strengthening muscles in preparation for the developmental milestones ahead. Draw your baby’s attention to the various textures of the crinkly plant toy or let them gaze at their reflection in the mirror. 

6+ Months: Understanding cause and effect

When your baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the Gymini’s various features in a more sophisticated way, activating the electronic sloth toy, enjoying the peek-a-boo game, etc. Once your baby is sitting up, they can continue exploring the toys and enjoy their more complex features. This more sophisticated playtime will advance your little one’s cognitive development. 



What Parents Are Saying About the Tiny Love Luxe Gymini Activity Mat

“This Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini is amazing!! I love the natural, soothing colors and wooden arch for hanging toys. It is definitely the most stylish play gym we have owned. The features are well thought out. I love the leaf kicker that encourages exploration with the built-in rattle. The movement-activated musical sloth is great for encouraging reaching and grasping. There are so many fun textures to explore on this mat. I know it will be a great developmental toy for my baby! I love the monthly milestone picture cards, too. Such a fun and useful item to add!! I would definitely buy this product and recommended it to family and friends. Tiny Love is one of my favorite brands for developmental baby toys!”

“I wasn't expecting to enjoy this. My little one started rolling shortly before I received this, and I figured he would be a little too old for it. I was SO, SO WRONG. He really, really loved it! I love that the toys are low enough that he can actually reach them. He could hold the little monkey's hand forever! It's been great as he tries to figure out cause and effect. His big sister shows him how to make the monkey sing, and watching him try to figure out how to make it happen is wonderful. I also love that to make the monkey sing, it's not a little button impossible for little hands to press. Even when he does roll over, there are still things to keep him busy. He loves the mirror and crinkly leaf, and I love that I can just throw the mat in the washer when he spits up all over it, which happens often. I would give this ten stars if I could!”

“We truly love the Gymini! The wooden stand-alone arch and muted hue toys are so chic and trendy that I don't mind if it stays out in the living room all day! My son adores the black and white dots on the toys and the musical plush sloth I didn't realize it came with milestone cards and the mat makes a perfect background to take the cutest monthly photos of our baby!”

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a soft, stimulating, portable, easy-to-clean play mat that will hold your infant’s interest, look no further than the Tiny Love Luxe Gymini Activity Mat. With tons of features that stimulate your little one’s physical and mental development, it’s definitely a piece of gear you’ll enjoy for months. And the added bonus for parents – the adorable boho chic decor is trendy enough to complement any style decor. Grab yours at ANB Baby or add it to your registry today!


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