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TINY LOVE Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer

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With the Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer, babies are so charmed and engaged, they forget they’re on their tummies and more willingly engage in this key developmental activity. Tummy time mobile entertainer is a tummy time toy and on-the-go mobile in one. the innovative toy has 360° rotating arms and a variety of fun features, such as an entertaining story teller and baby-activated sounds, all to stimulate development.

The upside-down toy encourages your little one to practice tummy time and - turned backwards - it is easily attached onto the pushchair as an on-the-go mobile. the 2-in-1 toy promotes baby's development and stimulates the following developmental wonders: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, senses, cognition and emotional intelligence. tummy time mobile entertainer is part of the tiny princess tales collection, introducing your baby to the enchanted forest.

LEARN MORE FROM OUR EXPERTS! Our products are carefully conceived to support babies' growth and development. Scroll down to our 7 Developmental Wonders and Age Tips to learn how you can use this product to encourage your baby's development.

Discover this product’s developmental features:

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer Features | ANB Baby

Age Tips:

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer 0-2 Months - SENSES and EQ | ANB Baby

0-2 Months - SENSES AND EQ

Place mobile at the appropriate distance from baby (around 25cm away) and let them enjoy the engaging sound and movement while in tummy time, helping them gradually stay in the position a little longer. When you leave the house, take the mobile along so baby can enjoy the comfort of a familiar toy.
Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer 2-4 Months - GROSS MOTOR SKILLS | ANB Baby


Set the entertainer on tapping mode and let baby try and prompt the fun audio and visual feedback by tapping the toy while in tummy time. This will encourage baby to reach out and try over and over again, strengthening important muscles.
Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer 4-6 months - FINE and GROSS MOTOR SKILLS | ANB Baby


As babies become more comfortable spending time on their tummies, they will be able to lean on one hand while playing and moving the mobile with the other. Make sure to position the mobile within baby's reach.
Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer 6+ Months - COGNITION | ANB Baby

6+ Months - COGNITION

When babies have mastered sitting up, they can continue to enjoy the toy's features, marveling and the charming sound and lights feedback they create, which will help them grasp the idea of cause and effect, or the fun peek-a-boo window, which will help them understand the idea of object permanence.


Modes Of Use:

Music and Lights

With 30 minutes of uninterrupted melodies and color entertainment.

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer Music and Lights | ANB Baby

Tapping Mode
For stimulating developmental feedback.

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer Tapping Mode | ANB Baby

Silent Mode
For a calming, soothing way to play and explore.

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer Silent Mode | ANB Baby

Every tiny detail is here to encourage your baby's development:

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