Lego is the most popular building toy on the planet. The iconic plastic building blocks are loved by both adults and children all over the world. Playing with Lego can benefit children in so many ways, such as developing logical and imaginative thinking. For younger children, the building blocks can help develop motor skills of hands and fingers, plus building Lego requires coordination and helps them to learn all about attention to detail, patience and creativity. Everyone remembers their first Lego; the pieces are the building blocks that lay the foundations for imaginative play without any limitations or obstacles. Not only is Lego beneficial for your children, but it can also significantly strengthen the bond between children and adults.


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About Lego

The popularity of Lego has only grown, and the powerhouse brand has remained iconic for over half a century. The word ‘’Lego’’ is a combination of two Danish words which mean ‘’play well’’. Their toys have and continue to be enjoyed by millions all over the world. An important factor in its growth has been the partnership with well-known brands and characters such as Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Marvel, and DC comic superheroes which are all featured in our collection. By joining forces with famous brands, Lego has provided adults and children with popular characters they can relate to and look up to. It is the emotional connection, the endless benefits and imaginative play that has contributed to Lego becoming one of the most influential brands in the world.

Lego Collection

Our Lego collection features beloved characters from the likes of Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Star Wars is a firm favorite amongst adults and children and the Lego Boba Fett's Throne Room Building Toy is perfect for fans aged 9 and up. The Book of Boba Fett fans can recreate authentic details of the throne room and other parts of the Jabba the Hutt’s palace with this Lego Star Wars set. Another firm favorite is Disney's Frozen. Inspire amazement with this outstanding Lego The Ice Castle Building Toy, a great way to spark fond memories from the beloved movie. The castle, with over 1,700 pieces, is full of clever details and makes an incredible gift for anyone.

The collection features theme sets, places and vehicle sets that allow kids to build what they imagine. Spark their imagination with the Lego Wildlife Rescue Camp Building Toy and put your kids at the heart of the action, with iconic animals, realistic settings, cool vehicles, and inspiring characters that stimulate imaginative role play based on real-life events. Why not blast off with the space-themed playset Lego Rocket Launch Center Building Toy with NASA-inspired features, including a huge launch tower and an SLS-inspired rocket with room for 2 astronauts and a planet rover. There’s also a detailed observation dome and launch control center, plus a service vehicle, drone, and 7 Minifigures for fun role play.