Tonies main goal is to ensure that every childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures and lovable memories. Widely known for their award-winning audio system, Tonies Toniebox lets your children take music and bedtime stories wherever they go. It replaces over-stimulating screens with simple controls and once bedtime stories are over it automatically turns itself off. Easy, screen-free bedtimes are just one of many reasons why kids and parents love the Toniebox. The Toniebox kids’ speaker is so easy to use and thanks to its simple controls, even 3 years olds can use it. Simply place a Tonie figure on the speaker to play music and stories. Once a new Tonie is added, kids can play their songs and stories wherever they travel.

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About Tonies

Tonies was created to become an immersive, wondrous experience that you and your children can feel good about, but more importantly a community you can be a part of now and for many years to come. Tonies main purpose was to create a way for children to experience storytelling in a digital age that stimulates their imagination while also being educational and fun. Tonies have certainly achieved that with their Toniebox. Their passion and enthusiasm for creating feel-good entertainment at home and on the go is palpable. With so many of your children's favorite characters to choose from, playtime and bedtime will become so much easier for you as a parent, the screen-free storytelling speaker will stimulate your child's imagination in its purest form.

Tonies Collection

Take music and bedtime stories wherever you go thanks to the Tonies Toniebox Playtime Puppy Starter Set. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top and let the adventure begin! The included Playtime Puppy Tonie features a select compilation of the most popular traditional children’s songs for playtime. Listen, sing and tell your own stories – there are so many ways for your children to play. With up to 7 hours of battery life and no need for WiFi, your little ones will love taking their favorite bedtime stories to bed plus they can take it with them wherever they go.

The Tonies Toniebox Playtime Puppy Starter Set features a ready-to-play Tonie figure that comes pre-loaded with songs and stories that will keep your children occupied, plus it aids imagination in all forms which is ideal for any parent. If you want to take your playtime and storytelling to another level, Tonies have a range of your children’s favorite character figurines available such as the Tonies Disney Mickey Mouse Audio Play Figurine. Each hand-painted Tonie features a playful character design for playtime which your children will absolutely love.