Valco Baby

Valco Baby has been designing baby products with a strong focus on quality, safety and innovation. At ANB Baby we are proud to offer a wide range of Valco Baby strollers and accessories specially designed to evolve with your growing family. From a variety of bassinets for newborns to toddler seats for when your second child comes along, Valco Baby strollers are innovative, dynamic and ideal for growing families.

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About Valco Baby

Valco Baby is an Australian company that has been creating strollers for nearly 50 years. As a brand, Valco Baby has become well known for the quality and function of their single and double strollers especially since their strollers have the option to accommodate three and even four children. Valco Baby works hard to make sure that their strollers fit into every parent’s lifestyle. For each baby stroller design and model, Valco Baby offers a wide range of accessories so that your stroller will be able to grow with your baby and family and meet all of your needs.

Valco Baby Strollers Collection

One of Valco Baby’s top priorities is to design and create strollers that are of outstanding quality, innovative and functional. So whether you’re having one, two or three babies, Valco Baby has the stroller that will accommodate your family and lifestyle for an affordable price. Valco Baby strollers are suitable from newborn to toddler and can easily be used with most car seat brands using car seat adapters. Whether you need a single stroller or double stroller, with Valco Baby you’ll have the right quality baby gear that grows with your family.