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9 Smart Baby Registry Hacks to Make the Most of Your List

by Vannessa Rhoades 28 Jul 2023
9 Smart Baby Registry Hacks to Make the Most of Your List

Baby registries have become significantly more popular in recent years. Many soon-to-be parents think that a baby registry is simply a wishlist for guests attending a baby shower. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: even without a baby shower or a large number of people wanting to give gifts, creating a baby registry can result in big benefits!

That said, we understand that creating a registry can be time-consuming and overwhelming for first-time expectant parents who are eager to register for baby essentials but unsure of where to begin. Today, we’re sharing our favorite baby registry hacks to help you get the most out of your selections.

Maximizing What’s On Your List: Our Best Baby Registry Tips

1. Get an early start.

Begin your registry early, ideally during the second trimester or even earlier if you feel comfortable. Waiting until the last minute can lead to stress, unnecessary additions, and overlooking essential items. Start researching products you think you may need and definitely ask other parents in your life for advice. This will give you time to identify the features and items you truly want and need, which can save you from frustration, time wastage, and unnecessary expenses.

Many baby showers are typically organized around the 30-week mark (since dealing with them becomes a lot more challenging when you're exhausted by the later stages of pregnancy). Also, keep in mind that babies can arrive earlier than expected, and you don’t want to be caught off guard.

2. Create your registry online.

Creating your registry online allows you to maximize efficiency and have the most control over the products you’re choosing. You can check a product’s ratings and reviews and even determine whether or not it’s in stock right from the comfort of your own home. You can get started creating your ANB Baby Gift Registry right now with just the click of a few buttons!

9 Smart Baby Registry Hacks to Make the Most of Your List

3. Write a thoughtful baby registry greeting.

When it comes to shopping off a registry, having as much information as possible about what the recipient actually likes and wants can make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable for gift-givers. And as the one receiving the gifts, it's pretty handy to be able to provide some context about your choices and requests. That's where the registry greeting comes in.

Maybe you prefer gender-neutral clothing and wooden toys or perhaps you have plenty of hand-me-downs and prefer instead to receive lots of books. Maybe you just want a sweet spot to say thank you to everyone checking out your baby registry. Whatever the case, you can simply add this information to your registry greeting. 

To do this, just log into your ANB Baby registry account by visiting the ANB Baby Registry and clicking “Manage.” Then click your registry to go to the Registry Homepage. Next, you’ll click on the gray “Edit Message” option at the top to add your personalized greeting and pour your heart out in a note to your awesome friends and family. Need a few tips on what to say? Check out our article, “How to Write a Baby Registry Greeting & 8 Examples Messages.”

4. Don’t leave expensive items off the registry.

You’ll still want to include the big-ticket items on your registry. Strollers, bassinets, bouncers, and highchairs are all items that your loved ones will want to help out with. Your co-workers may decide to go in as a group to purchase a bigger item or a generous relative may want to gift you with one big item instead of ten different small things. Here are a few big-ticket items to add to your list:

5. Add items for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty or awkward about adding a few items for yourself. Preparing for and caring for a baby is a lot of hard work, and you’ll need all the support you can get! Want a nursing camisole or a maternity belt? How about some soothing skincare products to relieve stretched, itchy skin or sore nipples? Add it to the baby registry! These items are must-haves to keep new parents sane when caring for their baby.

9 Smart Baby Registry Hacks to Make the Most of Your List

6. Consider adding a diaper party to the agenda.

Adding diapers to the list is one of our favorite tips for a baby registry. You may even want to host a separate diaper party! This growing trend is sometimes called a “daddy diaper party” and is held as a complement to the traditionally all-female baby shower. Dads get together with a group of their buddies, and each guy brings a box of diapers. It’s one gift you can never have enough of.

7. Register for gift cards.

Let’s say you registered for a pacifier. Your little one arrives, and you proudly pull out the carefully chosen pacifier… just to find out she hates it and wants something else. That’s when a gift card comes in super handy – for things you might not have thought of at first. Simply add gift cards right to your ANB Baby gift registry! Plus, your last-minute shopper guests can easily print out an ANB Baby e-Gift Card the day of the shower and avoid a frantic scramble searching for a gift.


8. Consider a virtual baby shower (or shower by mail)

In addition to the traditional baby shower, it's worth considering hosting a virtual baby shower or a shower by mail. These alternative options are gaining popularity, especially because they allow long-distance relatives and friends to join in the celebration and show their love with gifts.

Make sure that whoever is organizing your baby shower extends a special invitation to these distant loved ones. Include important details like a link to your registry, your address for mailing gifts, and either your due date or the date of your virtual shower. When the gifts start arriving, you can make it a joyful experience by opening them during a fun video call or, at the very least, capturing lots of pictures to send to the generous gift-givers. It can turn out to be a pretty enjoyable and memorable time!

9. Clean your list up right before the shower.

Here’s a clever baby registry hack that some expectant parents have found helpful and may be worth considering. About a week before your baby shower, take a few moments to remove any non-essential items from your registry—things that you can totally live without. Eliminate items that aren't absolute necessities or things that you no longer need or have changed your mind about. If you've received something similar that will work just as well, feel free to remove duplicates, too. Put these items on a separate list or spreadsheet to keep track of them. 

By doing this, you'll increase the likelihood of receiving those "must-haves" that you truly need before the arrival of your little one. It also means you may end up with fewer cutesy, non-essential items that you don’t really need for your baby. After your shower, you can add those wish list items back onto your registry for any latecomers to the party. This way, if anyone still wants to send you a gift after the fact, they'll have some options to choose from. And if for some reason you don't receive any more of those “nice-to-have” items, no problem! You can always go back and purchase them yourself. 

The Takeaway

Shopping for a little human you’ve never met before can be an overwhelming experience. Starting with a well-planned baby registry can help you stay organized and sane throughout the process. If you’re ready to get started on your baby registry, check out our tutorial on how to get started. We’ve also created a comprehensive baby registry gift guide with all the must-haves you need to prepare for your little one’s arrival. Every step of the way, ANB Baby is here to help!


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