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A Guide on What Baby Stroller to Buy

by ANB Baby 22 Jul 2021
Person - A Guide on What Baby Stroller to Buy

How to Choose the Right Baby Stroller?

Finding the best stroller isn't an easy task as many factors need to be considered before deciding what baby stroller to buy. Stroller prices range between hundreds to more than a thousand dollars, making budget an important factor so you don't burn a hole through your pocket. Another helpful question to ask is where and how the stroller will be used. Keep in mind different functionalities and designs will influence the price. Consider your intended use, daily walks in parks, jogging tracks, and frequent car or air travel.

Types of Strollers

Single Strollers 

Single strollers are perfect for first-time parents or families with one child, as many single strollers are multi-purpose, making them ideal for walks around the neighborhood or trips to the zoo. There are always a plethora of choices to add on different accessories to make a single stroller more robust.

Double Strollers 

Double strollers are made for parents with twins or children born close in age. These strollers usually come in two designs - side by side, where the two seats are next to each other, or the single-file version, where the seats are one in front of the other. There are many double strollers with seats that can be front facing, parent facing, or sibling facing, offering tons of versatility as babies grow.

Lightweight Strollers 

Lightweight strollers or compact strollers are made specifically for parents who don't want to carry a lot of excess weight around. These strollers weigh less than the average stroller and require minimal energy when folding it in the trunk of your car or carrying it on the subway.

Travel Systems 

A travel system includes both a stroller and a car seat that attaches to it. This 2-in-1 system makes traveling that much easier when moving your child from the stroller to strapping them into the car seat, saving time if you have places to be.

Jogging Strollers

For parents who love to get their daily workout in with their children, the jogging stroller is the perfect option. It's not only for joggers but it can also be used to navigate bumpy and uneven terrain. Because of their slightly larger wheels and suspension systems, a typical jogging stroller absorbs the impact of rough patches on streets and trails.

Our Picks for Baby Strollers In 2021

Single Stroller: Stokke Xplory X Stroller

This stroller aims to provide parents with a high-quality, safe, and reliable option for their babies. The model features a soft, reclinable seat to ensure a high level of comfort and can carry babies weighing up to 48.5 lbs. In addition, the extended canopy provides shade for the traveling baby and has a peek-a-boo window so parents can keep an eye on their bundle of joy.


Double Stroller: Mountain Buggy Duet Luxury Stroller

This compact side-by-side stroller has full-sized seats that can be used for children from birth until four. Despite being a double stroller, with a width of 25" wide, it can easily fit through standard doorways. In addition, it comes with a soft fabric, puncture-proof wheels, providing a comfortable ride and a good amount of storage space. 


Lightweight Stroller: Babyzen Yoyo2 Stroller

The 13.6-pound lightweight stroller can be used for children starting at the age of 6-months. Even though this is a lightweight model, it can carry children weighing up to 40 lbs. The stroller features a compact fold (20.5 x 17 x 7 inches), making it ideal for fitting in small spaces and overhead compartments with a one-hand fold and driving option, making it easy to use for any parent. 


Travel Stroller: Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Travel System

Featuring a lightweight design with an all-wheel suspension system, the B-Lively and B-Safe Travel System comes with a one-hand fold with SafeCenter connections making it easy to install in a car or a stroller. The model also features extra layers of protection with its deep foam-lined shell making the journey safer for any child.


Jogging Stroller: Bob Gear Revolution Stroller

This jogging stroller features a reclinable seat that can be adjusted with one hand and a shock-absorbing suspension system allowing for a smooth, bump-free ride. The adjustable handlebar comes with nine positions which make it the right fit for any parent. The stroller comes with extra storage space making it easy to carry everything required for a run, while the reflective canopy protects the baby from sun damage during your morning runs.


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A Guide on What Baby Stroller to Buy

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