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ANB Baby's Back to School Picks

by ANB Baby 02 Sep 2021
Back to school

With the summer vacations winding down, it's time for children to get ready to go back to school, and the best part of going back to school is the shopping trip to collect fresh supplies that will help your child focus on learning. Selecting back to school supplies and accessories can be a fun activity for parents and children to do together, and if you're looking for exciting products that will last the school year, we have our top picks for 2021 below:

Water Bottle

Hydration is important and using a reusable water bottle is better for the environment than disposable plastic water bottles. The OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle is the perfect companion for any school-going child. It features a twist cap with a straw for ease of drinking, and the rubber non-slip carrying loop makes it easier to grasp the bottle when drinking. Cleaning is also easy with this model as the top twists off, and it is even dishwasher safe.


When selecting a back-to-school lunch box for your child, it is important to get the size right, and the Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies have a great option for your child. This lunchbox comes with a friendly monkey face that is insulated to keep food and drink items at optimum temperatures, and it has a large compartment to fit multiple snacks for lunchtime. In case of spills, the lunch box can also be easily wiped to clean the interior, and it comes with additional mesh pockets for extra storage space.

Fork & Spoon Set

Once your lunchbox is set, you might want to consider getting utensils if you're going to be sharing home-cooked meals or snacks that are not finger food. The OXO Tot Plastic Fork and Spoon Set comes with a travel case for easy portability and easy-grip handles that are rounded to prevent any accidental injuries. The set's dimensions are 1.3 x 4.2 x 8 inches making it small enough to fit in a lunchbox.

Backpack Tags

Learning requires a lot of hard work, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun and creative as well. Backpack tags can be a great way for kids to add some personal style to their bags. Backpack buddies has multiple plush options, including toys shaped like a watermelon, lemon pie, cupcake, creamsicle, doughnuts, and many more. These toys can be attached to zippers, and they are even scented to match the design, making them a fun addition to any backpack.

Backpack Travel Bundles

If you're looking for some unique backpack options, Jetkids has great backpack travel bundles that your child can easily push, and they can even ride their backpack to school. The backpack is designed to expand, and it comes in multiple color options, including pink, green, black, white, and blue. Each backpack also has multiple compartments to store all the back-to-school essentials securely.


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