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Baby Gear Things You Really Need for a Baby

by Norbert Shtaynberg 28 Mar 2019

Furniture, Baby Gear Things You Really Need for a Baby

Babies are full of life and your main concern as a parent is protecting them. However, buying baby safety gear can be frustrating and expensive, especially for new parents. It can be difficult to buy items like bottles and car seats, when you are unsure what is best for your child.

Some bottles contain a hormone disrupting chemical call Bisphenol-a, which can be leaked in to the baby's formula or milk. This chemical can be harmful to your baby. There are bottles that can parents can trust will be healthy for their babies. Not only are these special bottles Bisphenol-a free, they have air vents to help get rid of colic symptoms. That makes this bottle a desirable addition to the list of baby gear.

Parents often worry about the safety and efficiency of their child's booster seats. Often the booster allows for too much slack in the safety belt. This can cause injury even death in a car accident. If the seat belt is too loose, the booster seat can move around, slide, or even flip over. This is why you should consider using a seat belt device that comfortably straps in around your child's hips tightly. It prevents any slack in the seat belt and is easy to use. Just attach it to one of the car's back seat belts, and adjust it by pulling on the seat belt's shoulder strap.

It is important to research these and other baby safety gear to make sure you are purchasing the safest products for you baby.

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