Stroller An Essential Piece of Parenting Equipment

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Stroller, Stroller An Essential Piece of Parenting Equipment

A strong and reliable stroller is an essential piece of parenting equipment for most moms and dads. A stroller is must-have piece of gear for a family until a child is about 3 or 4 years old and able to walk on their own. But with such a choice of strollers, it can be difficult to determine which features are most practical for the family.

Here are eight of the more significant features to consider when buying a stroller:


A canopy can offer a more comfortable ride and give protection from the wind, rain, or sun. Even if a stroller doesn't include a canopy as standard, most models on the market can accept a third-party accessory to give the desired protection.


Give the brakes a quick test in the store. The wheels should be quick and easy to lock in place once the brake has been engaged.

Handle height

An ideal height for the push handle is in the region of the waist. A standard size stroller is designed with the average sized woman in mind. For the taller person, a model with adjustable handles is certain to be a practical feature. Also, it is possible to attach handle extenders on the strollers with non-adjustable handles.


A stroller should be light and comfortable enough to easily push with one hand in a straight line. A model with swivel wheels at the front and rear often gives greater maneuverability when turning or changing direction.


A reliable stroller should make it easy to lock the frame into position. A strong mechanism is needed to stop the stroller collapsing by accident while in use. Inspect the frame for signs of sharp protrusions or edges. Little fingers can easily get pinched or caught by exposed springs or metal components.

A stroller that is certified to match the current safety standards will have the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) mark.

Seat belt

A must-have feature to stop the curious baby escaping is a restraint system. A 5-point harness is usually rated as the safest option, which secures a child in place with straps over the shoulders, between the legs, and around the waist. Any buckle system should be secure and comfortable for the child, but also easy to unlock for mom and dad.


A large storage area under the seat is certain to help when traveling with baby equipment or when help is needed on shopping trips.


A stroller with a washable fabric is certain to mean easier cleanup after any baby messes are made. A model with a removable fabric cover is one of the best options for keeping the baby stroller clean.

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