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Best Toys for 1 Year Olds

by ANB Baby Sales 05 May 2022



Your baby will be a real little character now they’re 1. They’ll be increasingly mobile and if they’re not walking already, they soon will be. Your 1 year old is also starting to make real sense of the world around them. You’ll notice they enjoy knocking things over once they’ve been stacked and they’ll love putting things in and out of containers. As they move further into their second year, you’ll see they even start to engage in early role play.

Finding toys to support the development leaps your 1 year old is going through will hopefully keep them occupied for longer. To give you a hand, we’ve put together some of the best toys for one year olds based on the things they’re likely to be interested in right now, and in the coming months, as they head toward turning 2.

Schylling Color Roller

This color roller is perfect for your 1 year old for lots of reasons. If your baby is walking already they are going to love pushing this around the place. They’ll love pushing anything around. This is not just any push toy though, as when the roller spins it creates all the colors of the rainbow. Your little one will just love the magic of the changing colors. If your 1 year old isn't walking yet, they can still spin the roller and create the colored effect. This toy doesn't even need batteries. If you don’t believe us when we say this toy is great for 1 year olds, then maybe knowing it got the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, and the highest rating from kid and expert toy and play testers, may just change your mind?

Kidoozie Squeak n Stack Blocks

The bright colors and cute pictures on these stacking blocks will get everyone building towers, not just your 1 year old. These blocks are super-soft and squeak when squeezed, and will provide your baby with plenty of fun. One year olds will love knocking down towers you build, and over time this toy will help them refine their hand-eye-coordination allowing them to create their own buildings.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella

Not just for 1 year old girls; baby dolls will delight all 1 year olds. This toy comes with a magnetic pacifier, bottle and a teddy and story. Your baby will love being mommy or daddy and putting their own baby to bed. Unlike many baby dolls, Wee Baby Stella is soft and light; perfect for your little one. When you cuddle her she also releases a gentle lavender scent - a herb many use to help aid sleep. Even at the young age of one, role play is hugely beneficial for a child’s development - helping to bring on their language and communication amongst many other things making Wee Baby Stella a great addition to the toy box.

Kidoozie Stack n Sort

One year olds will enjoy stacking these pots on top of one another. They will also enjoy shorting the five shapes into the bucket too. This toy is particularly good for your one year old who may be about to find their feet, or who may have recently found them, as the pieces can be stacked to nearly 2.5 feet tall - bigger than them! They are going to LOVE knocking this over too. We can’t promise they’re going to love tidying the pieces up, but it’s all in the name of fun, right?

Hape Early Mighty Band Melodies

Unfortunately for parents’ ears around the world, 1 year olds still love toys that make lots of noise! They like bashing a spoon on a pan (or anything on anything if it’s loud enough!), so why not choose this Hape Early Mighty Band to channel their inner musician? We can’t promise they’ll be playing in tune by the time they’re two, but they will love the xylophone right away, and the other four percussion instruments that form part of this set will be played with into the toddler years.

Baby Encyclopedia Board Book

Now for something a little quieter and more relaxing - this beautifully illustrated Baby Encyclopedia Book. As your one year old’s vocab and knowledge of the world starts to build they will really enjoy pointing out and shouting the names of things they recognise. With its chunky and robust pages, which are perfect for small yet determined fingers, and its bright pictures, this is a wonderful book to share with your 1 year old when you both need to slow down and spend some quality time snuggled up together.

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