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Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller: Is it a Must-Have?

by ANB Baby Sales 04 May 2022

Can you imagine a hybrid infant car seat that turns into a stroller? It sounds like the perfect item for parents who travel a lot. The Doona infant car seat is. When you’re out with your baby, you can use the Doona infant car seat stroller to convert the car seat into a stroller within seconds.

Read on to discover all its features and why it is a must-have item for you and your baby!

Hassle-Free Installation

The best part about the Doona infant car seat is that it can easily be converted into a stroller without you struggling with it. It comes with a base, so it can be installed in your car with the base attached when used as a car seat. However, the base is also detachable--you can remove it for an easier transition from car seat to stroller. But the good thing is that even if the base is attached, you can still transform the seat into a stroller.

Child Safety

The car seat stroller comes with a 5-point harness system that keeps your child secure throughout the car ride. It also gives your little one enough room to move a little and explore the world outside while being seated inside the car.

The handlebar in the stroller form acts as an anti-rebound bar when seated inside the car. It also comes with a seat protector that contains two layers of plastic, foam, and EPS that absorbs the shock of impacts in case of accidents. You can even take the seat on flights since it is FAA aircraft approved and meets all standard safety requirements.

Easy-to-Use Stroller Mode

Using the stroller mode may seem difficult when it is your first time, but when you use it, it’s super easy. The adjustable handle is placed right above the canopy, so it is more of a pull-along stroller than a push-forward one. It is perfect for crowded spaces. The handlebar can be rotated in multiple positions by pressing the buttons on both sides. The wheels can also accommodate any position; you only need to release them using the red lock safety button.


The Doona infant car seat stroller offers value if you plan to buy it as your primary infant car seat and stroller for your baby’s first year. ANB Baby offers the Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller in 8 trending colors, in add to the new Special Edition in black and gold Splash design.

You can purchase various add-ons for added convenience. Here are some accessories that can be used with the Doona infant car seat stroller:

  • Doona™ Padded Travel Bag: This travel bag can be worn on the shoulders while protecting your car seat from scratches. Since it is heavily padded, it doesn’t hurt your bag and allows you to go hands-free.
  • Doona™ 360° Sun and Insect Protection: Sunlight and insects can irritate your baby, but with Sun and Insect Protection, you can keep your baby safe from such elements.
  • Doona™ Snap-on Storage: The Doona snap-on storage basket can help if storage is a concern. It keeps the stroller stable while allowing you to carry an additional weight of 7 lbs.

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