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Ghoulishly Great! Why We Love the Tonies Halloween Figurines

by Vannessa Rhoades 09 Oct 2023
Spooktacular Fun! Why We Love the Tonies Halloween Figurines

At ANB Baby, we're always on the lookout for products that bring joy and creativity to the youngest members of our families. This Halloween season, we're excited to introduce the Tonies Halloween Collection—a set of enchanting audio play figurines designed to delight and entertain your little ghouls and goblins. In this review, we'll take you on a journey through this delightful collection, featuring Tonies Red Monster, Favorite Spooky Tales, Vampire, and Halloween & Spooky Songs.

Tonies Favorite Spooky Tales Audio Play Figurine

If you're looking for a dose of classic Halloween storytelling, the Tonies Favorite Spooky Tales Audio Play Figurine is a must-have. This Tonie audio play figurine features three classic stories adapted for young listeners in a very kid-friendly way. First, join the legendary Glenn Close as she narrates The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Follow the adventures of Ichabod Crane, a timid schoolteacher, as he encounters the infamous Headless Horseman in the eerie town of Sleepy Hollow. Next, dive into the fascinating world of science and monsters with the story of Frankenstein and marvel at the incredible creation brought to life by a young scientist. Finally, witness the transformation of Dr. Jekyll into the mischievous and unpredictable Mr. Hyde in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The figurine itself is beautifully designed and makes for an excellent addition to your child's playroom. It's a fantastic choice for bedtime stories during the Halloween season.



Spooktacular Fun! Why We Love the Tonies Halloween Figurines

Tonies Halloween & Spooky Songs Play Figurine

For those who want to add some musical flair to their Halloween celebrations, the Tonies Halloween and Spooky Songs Play Figurine is a delightful choice. Packed with catchy tunes that embody the Halloween spirit, this figurine will have your child dancing and singing along in no time. These songs are cheerful and not too frightening, making them perfect for younger children. You’ll find hits like “Ghostbusters,” “Thriller,” “Scooby-Doo Theme Song, and that graveyard smash, “Monster Mash.” They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky… there’s so much fun to be had with the Halloween and Spooky Songs Tonie (and the adorable bat figurine adds a festive touch to any room).


Spooktacular Fun! Why We Love the Tonies Halloween Figurines

Creative Tonies: Red Monster and Vampire Figurines

Spooky stories have never been more fun (or adorable) than when they're being recounted by this tiny Tonie vampire and friendly Tonie monster! The Tonies Red Monster Creative Audio Play Figurine and Tonies Vampire Creative Audio Play Figurine are an absolute hit with our little customers. 


These durable, hand-painted figurines are not only visually appealing – they’re also Creative Tonies. That means they each have space for up to 90 minutes of custom content – perfect to record your own scary stories! Just upload audio using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, then place it on your Tonie audio player. With a little creativity, you can use this Tonie to teach kids about going on adventures, being courageous, leaning into change, or exploring new communities. It's a fantastic way to introduce your child to the magic of storytelling and ignite their imagination.


What Parents Are Saying About the Tonies Halloween Collection

Take a look at what these families love about the Tonie Halloween figurines:

“This music is great for kiddos. My 3 year old is obsessed, and I kind of am too. Some of these songs are legit fantastic. Like, I did a long search for “Halloween Night” hoping I could jam in the car but am sad to report I couldn’t find it anywhere in the real world. Whoever produced these songs is really good at their job. I say that as someone in the music and entertainment industry. I really wish there were credits for these songs. All the singers are perfectly cast, and I wanna know what else they do. Highly recommend!”

“The best Tonie we have, according to my 4yo. The songs are catchy and I often get them stuck in my head. My daughter reaches for this Tonie a couple of times every day and even falls asleep listening to it. The fact that I’m not annoyed by this is a testament to the quality of the Tonie. Get it!”

“They love it. It is the best thing for them to settle down at night.”

“My kids are loving all things spooky and this has been a hit!”

“I like that I can add 90 minutes of my child's favorite content to this Creative Tonies. Super easy to set up, you can add, change the order, or remove content from the Tonies app. You can also browse and add the free Tonies content within the app which is limited and changes from time to time. Makes a great addition to your Tonies collection and would make a great gift too! Highly recommend!”

The Verdict

The Tonies Halloween Collection has proven to be a bewitching addition to our lineup at ANB Baby. These audio play figurines offer a fantastic combination of entertainment, education, and creativity for young children during the Halloween season. Whether you're looking for spooky tales, lovable monsters, charming vampires, or catchy songs, there's a Tonies figurine to suit your child's preferences. We highly recommend these figurines to parents who want to make Halloween a magical and memorable experience for their little ones. Get ready to embark on a spooky adventure filled with laughter, imagination, and fun with Halloween Tonies!

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