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Safety Standard for Children's Toys

24 Mar 2019

Toy, Safety Standard for Children's Toys

Plush toys easily rank at the top of the list for gifts for babies, and one look will tell you why. Squeezable soft and adorable, plush baby toys are hard to resist! Here's a look at what you need to know before choosing baby plush toys for the little one in your life.

Qualities for Plush Baby Toys

No matter how cute the toy, there are a few qualities to look for in a plush before giving it to a baby. Consider these features before you buy.

Safety - Safety should always be your first consideration. Make sure the baby animal plush toys are well put together with tight seams. There shouldn't be any small or loose parts. Facial features should be sewn on or embroidered - buttons are cute, but pose a big choking hazard.

Play Features - Baby Einstein plush toys are particularly good at including play features. Squeaks, rattles, musical elements, and talking toys offer wonderful opportunities for babies to not only learn from, but identify with their favorite toys.

Famous Faces - From Godzilla plush to the latest from Disney, baby plush toys with familiar faces make for instant best friends!

Easy Clean - Plush animals have a tendency to pick up dirt, and the last thing you want your baby to play with is a toy filled with dirt, germs, mold, or bacteria. Look for machine washable toys that can be tumble dried to ensure that your child's best friend is clean and safe for cuddling!

Money Saving Tips

If you want to save a bundle on baby plush toys, shop smart!

Hit the stores right after a holiday. Stuffed animals are particularly popular for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas and they're almost always deeply discounted or on clearance after the event. Not every seasonal stuffed animal is obviously particular to a holiday, so you can grab discounted toys that are perfect for year 'round giving by hitting the sale racks.

Watch for new releases, then buy up the old one. Whether you're talking about movie characters or the latest line of products, there's typically a clearance to get rid of the old when they're bringing in the new. For example, when the latest Disney movie comes out, the baby plush toys from the last one will likely go on clearance to make room on the shelves and to generate interest in the character.

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