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So Much Fun! Why We Can't Stop Jabbering About Jabber Balls

by Vannessa Rhoades 25 Aug 2023
So Much Fun! Why We Can't Stop Jabbering About Jabber Balls

Have you played with a Jabber Ball yet? At ANB Baby, we’re always on the lookout for engaging and entertaining toys for kids, and the Jabber Ball toy has been an absolute hit. We’re in love with these quirky and interactive toys! The combination of their charming design, interactive features, and high entertainment value has made them an instant favorite among kids and adults alike. Here’s why we think they’re great.

Fun Design

Jabber Balls have a unique and eye-catching design that instantly captures the attention of both kids and adults. They come in various adorable characters (the Jabber Ball Bear and the Jabber Ball Cat are two of our favorites), each with its own distinct personality, colors, and expressions. The vibrant hues and playful designs make these animal Jabber Ball toys stand out on the shelves and are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.


Interactive Features

What sets Jabber Ball Sankyo toys apart from traditional plush toys is their interactive nature. These little critters are equipped with motion sensors that respond to squeezing or a gentle tap. When activated, they start to jabber, giggle, and make funny sounds. The responses are both random and funny, which adds an element of surprise and laughter to playtime.

So Much Fun! Why We Can't Stop Jabbering About Jabber Balls

High Entertainment Value

We cannot stress enough how entertaining these toys are! Little ones are fascinated by the Jabber Balls' unpredictable and hilarious chatter. The toy's responses are engaging and encourage interaction, making it a great companion for solo play or even group activities. The giggles and laughter that fill the room whenever these toys are around are simply infectious.

Great Quality and Durability

Jabber Balls are made from soft, high-quality materials that are safe for children. The construction is sturdy, ensuring that they can withstand the rough play and squeezes from enthusiastic little ones. Kids will want to carry them around everywhere (and they’ll still look as good as new).

Educational Value and Stress Relief

While primarily designed for fun and entertainment, we also appreciate how Jabber Ball Toys can contribute to a child's development. The interactive nature of these toys helps stimulate sensory skills, encourage imaginative play, and promote social interactions. They can even be used creatively in storytelling or role-playing games, which is fantastic for enhancing language and communication skills. 

They’re also great for helping calm and soothe hyperactive children or as a stress relief toy for adults. (You can even grab a Jabber Ball Jr to clip onto your bag or backpack so that there’s always one nearby). Teachers, occupational therapists, and speech therapists love having them as another handy tool in their arsenal. Just squish them, squeeze them, smoosh them, and feel your anxiety disappear! 


What Parents Are Saying About Jabber Balls

See what other families love about these squishy fun toys.

“These things are hilarious! They are rubber-like and when you squeeze them their tongue sticks out, and they make this ‘scream.’ Perfect to entertain the kids (albeit in another room) or to drive the dogs crazy.”

“My severely autistic adult son really enjoys these toys. He needs soft sensory toys because he likes to give himself sensory input on his face and hands. We have to avoid giving him hard plastic toys because he could injure himself. These toys give a funny sound when squeezed which he seems to enjoy as well. I'm glad I purchased two of them!”

“This toy is of good quality, easy to keep clean. My little neighbor just loves it.”

“My 9-year-old loves it so I bought three more for younger kids, and they love it also. It makes us all smile. I would say to try it you will love it too.”

“Cute and funny. I work with kids with autism, and they all love these. Easy to operate for kids of all abilities.”

The Verdict

Jabber Ball Toys have been a delightful addition to our ANB Baby toy collection. If you're looking for a toy that brings smiles, giggles, and interactive play to your child's life, look no further than Jabber Ball Toys. With their adorable design, unpredictable chatter, and durability, these toys are sure to become a beloved companion for your little one and provide hours of joy and amusement for the entire family.

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